SONG BIRD | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Love Bookmark and Share



I sat in the audience and was amazed by this wonderful lovely lady that sang like a beautiful song bird.
I hung to every magnificent word.

She was voluptuous with the    voice of an Angel.
I would follow her to the end of the world,and enjoy every step as long as I could hear her sing.
Such a melancholy,haunting,emotional style she did so bring.

When she sang Ave Maria, oh, the tears started to flow.I could not hold back.I had to let go.
She had the power to warm your heart and touch your soul.
She could even make you feel guilty for something as a child you stole.

The whole production was marvelous !

Her well made up face,ruby lips and gorgeous gowns,absolutely fabulous !

I had seen an Angel from above.
My God,she made me feel Love!
Brava,Standing Ovation,Brava !

I am overwhelmed with emotion

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