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When I stroll into the club
sharp as a tac.
I wave and they all wave back.
I am Disco Danny and I know how to get down.

I’M the one the ladies want to be around.
The chicks cozy up to me
cause I’m really sexy.

The guys step back because they know I’m the best on the track.
I let them know it would be better to be friend than foe.
My karate can break you down,Joe.


I’m red hot on the dance floor.I can throw it in 3rd gear and still double clutch some                   more.
My moves on the floor and in the sack are designed to blow your mind.

I’m a gigolo and intimacy on the dance floor is the way I like to go.
If she likes my vibe in the sack we can sho nuff ride.

I like the way you move.
Girl, you are now in to the groove.
Oh,baby work that thang.
You got me feeling like I wanna bang, bang.
Shoot,shucks and sho nuff.
I like yo’ stuff !
red hot
This red hot dance will romance
leed to a red hot

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