TIME TRAVELER | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Short Story - Twilight Zone Bookmark and Share


Some years ago I took
ambien for insomnia.
I found I could hang out in the
twilight world between sleep
and awake.
A strange feeling I could not shake.

On the back of my eyelids
I could see past yesterday.
A slightly scary feeling of going too deep.
It was way beyond sleep.

I decided to relax and go with it,
as soon as I did it was smooth sailing
through the past.
The years shot away in a blast.

I could see who I used to be.
I had lived 18 times before,
Always as a man when I walked
through each door.
So many times a new face
of me in a different race.

First life as member of Roman senate,
other times plantation owner,plantation
worker, various jobs also artist and poet
in previous lives.
In different bodies I’ve had the same long
term girlfriends and wives.

My educated accent and talents are carry over
from a previous life.
I don’t have control over what I can see in
the future,but it does take away some of the strife.

I went and hung out in the spirit world
with my uncle Herman,Thomas Jefferson,
Ben franklin, and Elvis Presley all were on different levels on the other side.
I could not always go where ever I wanted to  
no matter how hard I tried.

Once I had opened my mind dream visions
of the future could come to me.
Due to my sensitive soul,the gift of second
sight and the third eye I was able to go beyond
the dimensional door.
Amazing,I could go backward and forward
in the spirit world,wow!
This all thrilled me to the core.
My guardian Angel saved my life twice.
That was extreamly nice.

I have seen a Poltergeist and 2 Ghost on this side. They put a strong hold on me and i  could not move,scary!
I got the message,you see.
I had been able to see 5 to 10 yrs
my  life with future girlfriendsand wife.  
I no longer hang out in the spirit world,
might get stuck, or see visions like I use to.
I don’t care to go back.
However,through automatic writing
with my uncle I’ve been able to maintain

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