LION HUNTER IN ZAMBIA | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Short Story - Adventure Bookmark and Share



The wild beast is charging down
upon me !
This is a kill crazy animal that must
be put down.
On bent knee,feet fimly on the ground.
It would be foolish to run.
I must put my faith in my lord and gun.

150 yards I take aim with my ruger hawkeye
204 bolt action rifle with scope.
everything wILL be alright,I hope.

My African guide said,”good luck,!”,
and ran toward the truck.
“Bwana,make good shot”,he yelled,
as he locked the doors and rolled up the window.
“If you miss I go,I go !”

“Did he say I go ?”
100 yards away I took the shot.
I aimed beween the eyes at a black spot.  
Fear ran up my spine and caused my hand to shake
The bullet went through the left ear.Another shot I must make.
This really increased my fear.
75 yards and moving fast.
I took another shot that I prayed would be the last.
The bullet parted his mane and grazed his head.

My God,now I started to dread ever,ever coming here !
Like a magician,in a puff of smoke I wished I could disappear.
Rapid heart beat,I was now wet with sweat !
At 25 yards I tried to take another shot,
but time had run out.
I could see the angry determination to kill in the eyes of the
crazed lion.
Three bodies ago it had developed a taste for human flesh.
He liked it fresh !

I dropped the rifle as the lion leaped into the air.
My two bullets had really pissed it off.
I pulled my 45 long colt revolver from my hoster,
and fired,the lion took a swipe at my head on the left side.
It was to late to hide.
My bullet went into the chest,tore off part of the heart,
and landed in the spine.
The lion was instantly paralized and his life started to drift away.
This was my lucky day.

He lay on top of me ,a 600 lb predator with stank breath.
“Bwana, you are indeed brave man !”my guide yelled.
He helped get the lion off me.Blood dripped down the left side
of my head.I will be okay.I was glad I was not dead.

Jubilation beyond belief !
The deed was done.
I had engaged the voracious enemy on the battlefield,
and I had won !
“I did it,my God I did it !”
I paid to live a fantasy, now I know what life and death
means to me.

The measure of a man can be counted when he goes up
against the enemy on the battlefield,and emerges victorious.
My GOD,thank you.
 I did  so,and it was glorious !

Dizzy, I stood up proud, with tears in my eyes and wet pants,
I announced”,Now my man,celebratory brandy I deserve
at the nearest tavern to calm my jangled nerve.”

“You do indeed Bwana, you do indeed.”

“This is the first and last safari hunt for me.
The king of the jungles head will make a fine trophy.”

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