THE BATTERED WOMAN | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Family Issues Bookmark and Share



Why does she take his abuse ?
Why can’t she shake him loose ?
Oh, surely there must be a way
for her to simply say,
Enough is Enough,
I’m tired of your stuff !

She says she stays for the children,
and when she sees his silly grin
she’s happy again.

Until he starts up with the booze,
and the next fight in which she
will lose.

Whatever happened to the love ?
Who knows but God above ?

No matter what she does it’s never right.
Now, she has a black eye that affects her sight.

He controls her mind and her money.
To him,that’s pretty damn funny.
He also treats her like dirt,
and says that she wants to be hurt.

Every life form must have rain,
But is there always a need for pain ?

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