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It's taking over my body

Hey, well my names Kalli.
Everything is just really getting too me at the moment.
I'm 15 years old, living in England.
I'm just needing too vent really, so please don't judge me.

I suffer from depression, i thought it was under control these past 3 months but i think that i've just been hiding it from myself and others.

A few weeks ago i got in trouble for having some ganja on me and my mum told my dad (They are not together anymore) He was mad. My mum made up some bullshit that i punched her but i didn't. My dad (a raging drunk, emotioness self centered bastard) sent me multiple death threats too my phone when i went for a walk too clear my head and call ashley asking for advice. I didnt speak too him from there on and avoided him when he came too pick up my little brother. This it'self wasn't all that bad because thats normally what he does when i do something wrong. He just ignores me for a couple of weeks.
Me and my long term boyfriend Ashley camped out last week, i told my mum i was sleeping at a friends house instead and yesterday she found out. She tried sending Ash home but i worked my way around it so he could stay yesterday and i wouldnt see him today or tomorrow. When i eventually went out after me and Ash went off for a walk too avoid more arguments and my dad who at this point was terrorfied off. My mum had told my dad, he had been and gone when i got back and she said that apparantly he doesnt care anymore. Hes not taking the farther role, so basically, ive lost my dad. He wasn't ever realy a farther figure from what i can remember. He was never involved with things i was involved with, he didnt go too school plays, parants evenings, birthday parties. He always would just sit on his arse on his computer and didnt do anything but that and argue with my mum then go and live in his car for days. When they eventually broke up when i was 11

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