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car crash

It was 1994 and the Lincoln Town car that my sister was driving had bench seats in the front.  My sister was driving me and my grandpa home in the morning.  We had all been drinking whiskey and all three of us were drunk and didn't get any sleep that night before.  It was raining.  She had to drive us two hours in the winding roads of Missouri to get us home.  We were all stupid to let her drive us when she was drunk.  We were are a party the night before.  She was 16 years old and I was 14.  She was still wearing her black mini skirt and high heel pumps.  She had a black leather jacket on with black leather dress opera gloves.  The car was fully loaded with all leather interior.  She stopped at the drug store on the way to buy and put on tan pantyhose in the rest room there becuase she had a run in the ones she had on earlier.  Me and my grandpa was more drunk than her so we let her drive and I was too young.  Grandpa was still drinking in the car as she drove and she took a few swallows before leaving the drug store.  We were all crazy then.  Grandpa was in the front with her and after she was driving for a few minutes he wanted to be funny and push some of the buttons beside her seat that made her seat move back.  There were no cars on the road.  She told him to stop because she could barely reach the pedals and steering wheel.  They were both giggling.  Grandpa had taken his shoes and socks off earlier and he scooted over beside her to talk to me.  As he did this, his foot pushed her foot into the gas pedal.  She giggled and told him to stop.  But he didn't know what he was doing and didn't move his foot off of hers.  The car sped up fast and she struggled to move her foot but couldn't.  She told him over and over to let off her foot.  He finally did and laughed.  He kept looking at her legs.  She was wearing a mini skirt.  She told us that he twisted her ankle.  He laughed, but she was serious and was in pain.  He then pushed a button that made the pedals move futher away.  She then could barely reach the pedals and was in pain.  She got mad at him and told him to get away.  He laughed and put his foot on her left foot and it made it difficult for her to drive with him bothering her.  She begged him to stop, but he kept on mashing down on her left foot until she started pushing him away.  The car started swirving and she struggled to keep the car on the road.  She cried and said that she couldn't move her feet and stop the car.  The car sped up and it looked like her right food was pinned up into the accelerator and she kept saying that her ankle hurts.  She struggled to steer the car and we finally crashed into a ditch.  She hit the steering wheel hard with her head.

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