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Mummy, Daddy where did you go?

Mummy, Daddy where did you go?

I’m right in the middle of my room. I’m confused, angry, and could hurt myself in a minute. I bashed my head on the wardrobe, scratched my bitten fingernails on the cracked plaster of my room and helplessly cried. CRASH! My anger was so great, my favourite glass mirror, given to me by my favourite Auntie, crashed on the ground into tiny fragments. I screeched. My mouth was like an eagle’s. I pounced on the ground, as if I was fighting a wild bear for my life. I fell and banged my head on the radiator and blacked out……

I woke up. I stumbled on my bed, helpless like a cub without its mother. My tears poured out, and I sighed with agony. They lied to me. They lied to me. For so many years, they never told me…….. How could they? Today I found out that Lisa and Brad weren’t my real parents, they had just adopted me. I had found pictures hidden under the sofa, of different people that looked like me…….. Then I asked them. I knew by their faces, that they were trying not to tell me. But I already knew. Why didn’t they tell me? Why did my parents leave me? My mind raced with so many possibilities. Finally I gave up. I lulled myself to sleep.

Bang! I jumped up! My heart rose higher, as I heard familiar footsteps venturing towards my bedroom door. I bolted right up, and waited………..  I heard a knock at my bedroom door!

I ignored, whoever was outside the door. Can’t they just go away? I wanted the footsteps to go somewhere else. The door opened. It was Lisa.



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