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The Haunted House (Part 1)

“Whether all the packets are there? Ravi please checks with the list.” A beautiful lady named Ritu told her husband.

“Madam, there were 36 packets and all are there. No packet is torn, everything inside is OK. Don’t worry; we have reputation of working professionally.” The person from movers and Packers Company assured her.

“All are okay Ritu, I have checked and you…… Thanks you, that’s a great work and so speedy. I know your reputation, that’s why I hired your company.” The young and handsome guy named Ravi told to company person.

After clearing the charges and paper work Ravi and Ritu sank in the sofa.  Both were tired. They moved from other city to their home city.

“It’s good that Sharvan gave us his home key, otherwise first I have to find a new home then we could shift.” Ravi told. He wanted a tea but he didn’t dare to ask Ritu as she was also tired and not happy to move again in Nagpur.

Ravi and Ritu lived in this city four years back. They met in a company office, where Ravi was working and Ritu went for her MBA training. They fell in love and soon they married. Ravi was a orphan. His father and mother were expired in a plane crash. Ritu was from other city but due to her study she was living there from more than six years. After marriage Ravi got a new job in Kanpur so they moved to Kanpur. Actually Ritu didn’t want to live in Nagpur. Reason was Aina, She was in Ravi’s college and she was mad in love with Ravi. After their marriage, Aina didn’t want to leave Ravi. She threatened Ritu. That’s why Ritu compelled Ravi to move out. After four years Ravi left that job and got a very good job in Nagpur again. So they came back. Ravi’s friend Sharvan was living in Delhi and he had a home in Nagpur. So he gave key of his home to them. After coming to Nagpur, Ravi started to find a home for them.

One day when Ravi came back he was jumping in the air when he told Ritu about their new home. “You know, the agent was telling that it is some outside the town that is why this is so cheap. Otherwise this will cost us a fortune.”

“But Ravi don’t you think living outside the town is a bit risky. If something happened nobody will be there to help us.”

“Don’t be silly, Ritu, what will happen.  You always create problem in every opportunity. Once you will see that mansion you will never think about these small things.” Ravi was saying but Ritu was sensing something strange in his voice. But what was that she was not able to find. But it was useless to argue with Ravi.

Ravi was right.  When Ritu and he went to see that house, Ritu’s mouth remained open.

“What a beautiful home”

“What I told you”

“Sometime you accidently do great work.  Definitely the agent is great.” Ritu smiled but Ravi was not so happy as he was trying to show. But house was really great.

“OKKKK, The agent is great and what about the person who hired that agent.”

“We must say he is a lucky person”

“I tell you who the lucky person is” Ravi tried to catch Ritu by waist.  But she was quick and she ran to green house.  Ravi ran afterwards.  Ritu was behind a line of flower’s pots. They were circling.  Accidently a flower pot which was hanging to the roof moved and fell down where Ritu was running.  On the same time Ravi caught her and pulled her to his side.

There was a big noise.  The pot crushed on the floor where Ritu was standing one second before.

Ritu trembled and embraced to Ravi. Ravi felt her body was shivering with fear and he could hear her breathing.

“Don’t be so afraid Ritu it is just an accident.  The pot was loose and it fell down. Why are you so frightened?  Relax!” Ravi was calming down Ritu.

When the house was so pretty then moving in was not difficult.  Ritu was very eager to move into their little mansion. Next day they packed all the goods.  Half packing was already done; rest was completed in one day.  But bigger problem was to organize the new home. Ravi had taken two days leave from office for home shifting.  He spent full day to organize the home.  That was not full arranged.  More than half boxes are still to be opened.

“We will open these boxes tomorrow, now I am exhausted and I need to go to office tomorrow. I will help you in the evening after office”

“Ok, don’t worry, I will manage”

Both were so tired that they came to deep sleep after reaching bed.  In the morning the alarm disturbed their sleep. It was third time when Ravi snoozed the alarm for 15 minutes.

“Wake up Ravi, you will be late for office” Ritu shaked Ravi.

“I need to sleep.  I am tired.  Give me 15 more minutes. I will wake up then.”

“It is 8 a.m. how much more time you need”

“WHAT, 8, MY GOD I will be late”

Ravi hurried to bathroom and Ritu to Kitchen.

“Where is my clothes, I can’t find them”

“You take your breakfast till I am searching the cloths.  From tomorrow that will be in cupboard.  But today I need to get a search party for them.

After Ravi went to office Ritu saw the good boxes.  They were all where. She decided first to arrange cloths and kitchen.

The door bell rang. “ It must be Meera” Ritu opened the door and Meera was standing there.

“Thank God, you came early Meera, otherwise I was dying to see this mess alone”

“I came as fast as I could, because there is not bus for here before this.” Meera explained here late arrival.

“Anyway we must start now so that we can complete work in two days.” Ritu told while opening box which was name Kitchen on it

“I need a cup of tea first.  I didn’t get time to make at home. Do you also need one?” Meera told while going to kitchen.

“Oh yes, that will be highly welcomed. But first we need cups for that. You make tea and I search for cups. Here these are” Ritu found the cups in the box.
After drinking tea both ladies started their work.  Ritu opened the boxes for required goods as she packed them.  It took her 5 hours with the help of Meera.  Meera was Sharvan’s old maid Ritu told her to come with them as Sharvan was not living there. But she refused as her home was much far away from this house. And there was not conveyance from here at night. But for some extra charges and for old relations she came to help Ritu.

“Meera I need rest and so that you” Ritu told while cleaning sweat from her forehead with her right hand.

“I will take rest but we must make lunch, I didn’t take breakfast because I need to come early.”

“Don’t worry we will order pizza.  I am so tired for lunch.”

Ritu picked her mobile and dialed for home delievery.  But she was upset to hear that they don’t deliver pizza for so distance.

“I will pay extra charges for this delivery” Ritu insisted.  But the booking girl didn’t accept.

“We have to prepare lunch, as they will not deliver so far away from town.”

“Don’t worry we will make ‘poha’ (an Indian dish made of rice).”

So both tired ladies went to kitchen and made poha in 15 minutes. It was 4 p.m. now. After eating this Ritu told Meera to take rest.

Meera took a mat and laid down on floor in main hall. Ritu laid on bed in bedroom.

Ritu closed her eyes. But there was no sleep in them.  She was tired and she needs a good sleep.  But what was that.  She heard a scream of a lady. Whether something happened to Meera? Again a scream came. Defiantly it was Meera who was screaming.

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