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Receiving Acceptance by Acceptance

The Great fight for Understanding.,
And the Warmth of the urly part of rebellion.
And the Twist it turn's "Love" Into!
some sell truth to hold,
some have pride,
some have "Love" to hold onto but it flow's where it will.
And all the turmoil Inbetween that.,
some even have that grudge that just seem's to keep them Ticken.
"At our best to hold onto.",
I personally beleive in this win, win situation.
"If nothing else it seem's to sooth the Vultures Intrest."
Maybe we are all right in our own way,
at leaste with the right direction.
With every direction there is an opposite true or not "?"
Even the form of a question could be a statement........
If nothing else it Soothes the Vultures Intrest.
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