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Pathetic Deception

“Fine, I’ll tell you from the beginning!” Smirked Brad.
“The truth this time, alright buddy?” Officer Joel had a stern, unwelcoming voice. He was determined to find out what happened the night of July sixth.
“Fine Ill tell you right now that I did it” He watched the officer hit ‘record’ on his black recorder.
“Say that again please” He demanded.
“I did it, I killed Isabel Stray. Okay, let me explain. She was like a boat, she would set an anchor and always stay put. She might float off a bit but always get pulled back in. That’s how was…so easy. She always came back to me. No matter what I did, the next day there would be at least ten missing calls on my phone; all from her. She had it coming.
“It was a strange relationship from the beginning. I never really liked her. Just cause I said it didn’t mean a thing. In high school everyone throws around the word love. It’s normal. So anyway, she was hot. I cant deny that. I loved it when she would pull her long brown hair back in a pony tail. She didn’t do it to offend, but I always thought she was beautiful when she wasn’t hiding behind tons of makeup; I would tell her she didn’t need it…”
“I don’t need a full description of her” Said Officer Joel.
“Office, I think you should know how beautiful she was. You’ve seen her all beat up, and that’s not her. She had grace, her smile could make me laugh, or cry sometimes”
“I thought you said you didn’t love her?” The officer taunted.
“I don’t, she was just another beautiful girl, that’s all…”
“Sounds like more”
Brad didn’t want to think that maybe he did love her after all. “Can I just get back to confessing? God. Our relationship well…sucked. She was always accusing me of cheating. The fact that I was a senior and her a freshman didn’t help the matter either. Freshmen are so immature, stay away from them, you promise?” Brad was trying to lighten up the conversation with a little joke, like he always did.
“Please move on…” Joel said exasperated.
“Yes, sir! I did cheat on her, dozens of times. She was just a chick that I used, ah, I’m such a jerk. When summer started I had promised to call her everyday. Yeah, like that happened. Well, lets just say that if I didn’t call her she called me, for sure! She got quite ‘clingy’ which got annoying. Here I have this hot chick, I should be having fun with her. But all I was doing was worrying about stuff, and lots of drama. She wasn’t worth it. She was hot though, and I had a bet that I could get in her pants by then end of the summer. Guess what, I won that bet. It wasn’t easy though, trust me!
“It was July first and she was hanging out at my house. My family was gone for the fourth of July so she stayed the night. I had my bedroom clean, and I even washed my sheets!”
“How romantic…” the officer said with deep sarcasm, but with a stern, plain voice.
Brad chuckled. “I had candles, or well…a candle, but it was pretty darn big if you ask me. She didn’t seem to like it much; she just sighed and asked ‘What do you want?’ She didn’t want what I was determined to get. But, of course, I got it. She said ‘no’ about a hundred times, I just ignored it. And boy did she struggle; I thought it was going to be easy, like they say ‘Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. Boy was I wrong. I have marks!” He pulled off his shirt and pointed to the long scratches on his stomach and back. “Only a girl could scratch like that. But I just told her strait out ,’Either you give it to me, or I take it” The officer couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Brad continued. “So after that, I had threatened her for she wouldn’t tell anyone. Which, a scared little freshman is easy to manipulate. Ah, funny thing is she was all over me the next day. Like I said, she couldn’t stay mad at anyone. Man, I sure seem like an asshole, don’t I? Yeah…so don’t answer that…”
“I wasn’t going to, excuse me for a second…” Officer Joel slowly sat up and you heard the old chair mumble, ‘thanks’. Officer Joel was a big fellow. He was tall and round. Those poor chairs barely held him up. He walked to the cream phone that was hanging on the cement wall. He picked it up and dialed a five digit number. Brad was watching him cautiously. He was very confused.
“Sam, we need the RS, now. Thanks” Then the officer hung up the phone and slowly walked toward brad, sat back down on the old chair, and had his hands neatly folded on top of the table. There was about a yard of distance between them.
“Should I…um…finish?”
“No…In a few minutes” Brad nodded his head. He was beginning to get a bit nervous. What did ‘RS’ mean? He had no clue, and was nervous, yet anxious to find out. A few seconds later, a tall, dark, slim man opened the door and told Brad that they needed to hand cuff him. Without complaint, Brad stood up and put his hands behind his back.
“Joel, you can explain” Sam walked out.
“You’ve just admitted to rape, that makes you a threat. Now please continue with your story”
Brad sat back down and struggled a bit to get comfortable. A tear slowly ran down his cheek. He sniffled and shook his head. “We were fine after that, she wasn’t ever alone with me, and our relationship weakened, but it wasn’t bad. July sixth was a bad day for me. She called me and told me she was pregnant, and that she was going to charge me for rape. I couldn’t have that, and I went with what I told her I was going to do. I killed her. She always b biked at a certain time, 7:00 at night. I calmly talked her into my car and told her we needed to talk about what happened. Once we got to my house, I locked all the doors. That’s when she noticed something was wrong. I took out my gun that was in the drawer next to the front door.” Brad gulped and let out a few more tears. “I held my arm straight our and pointed at her. I told her to do what I say, or else. I raped her once more, then killed her with a gun bullet to the temple. Then I put her in a garbage bag and brought her to her house. I set her on her bed and threw her clothes around. I didn’t want to be accused of anything, so I made sure all of it was in her bedroom. I ran out and she was left for her mom to find her. Her mom was out all weekend with her boyfriend and her dad lived in a n apartment down the road” Brad put his head down on the table and started to cry. You could hear the click of the tape recorder, the tape was finished. Officer Joel turned the tape over and clicked the Record button. It was quiet for a few minutes. All you could hear was Brad’s crying.
“Alright…wow…Um I’ll get Sam in here”
Brad spent the night in a cold prison cell. The next morning was filled with interviews and questions asked. “I said I did it! Just send me to jail for the rest of my life!” Brad said many times. By the end of the day, he found himself in the same room, with the same officer, Joel. “So, you’ve been at it a few days. We’ve interviewed everyone else. You’re court day is in a few weeks.” Brad just stared out in space. Then it was pure silence again. The phone rang. Joel quickly got up and answered it. He muttered a few words, then hung up. He looked at Brad and sat down. “You lied?”
Brad quickly started to worry. “No, of course not!”
The door opened and in came officer Same and Dan, Isabel’s dad, walked in. Brad looked worried and he stared at Dan. Dan’s hands were in handcuffs.
“What’s this all about?” Brad asked.
“Today we found the DNA of the ‘substance’ that was found in Isabel’s underwear, and it matched up with her fathers, not yours.”
Brad looked down and swore under his breath. “I didn’t kill her. God damn it!” He got up and slammed his fists on the table. He started to cry.
Joel sighed. “Brad and Dan, tell me what really happened, and why you lied about it” He clicked the Record button once again. Officer Same left the room.
The two f them sat down. Brad began, “He told me this would work. I always sat that I did it and since I’m only seventeen, I wouldn’t get that bad of a sentence, and then he could give me money once I was out of jail.” They sat and conversed it all over again. The court ruled for Dan to go to jail for two lifetimes. Brad, two mantes for lying and deceiving.
---------------------------------------------------10 Years later----------------------------------------------------------------- “Well, I graduated from college, can you believe it? Sometimes I cant always say I’m sorry. I should have wanted that asshole to go to jail for what he did to you! Well, I’ll stop by in a few months…” Brad placed a dozen red roses by Isabel’s grave. He walked to his truck and looked at his fancy watch. It read July sixth, 7:00...
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