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Hindel Kidz 36: Double Delight




Becca, Libby and Belle had all been placed with Rob. Grace and Rhonda thought Jack was out of his mind for breeding them.

“I thought you said you weren’t going to breed anymore,” Rhonda said.

Jack replied, “I have to have babies.” He loved watching them grow up and hop around the yard. He decided not to give them their regular booster shot to see if it would have any effect on the outcome.

A few days later, Becca died unexpectedly.

Then Grace learned Lainie was also bred. She had gone ahead of Jack into the buck’s side of the pen at feeding time. Now she had a bulge on each side. Her due date was March 26th.  Five days later, on April Fool’s Day, Lainie had twins. Jack had pulled the first one out already dead. The second one was large and was delivered by C-section also dead.

While they were there with Lainie, they asked the vet about Jane. The first week of February was the first time Grace heard about Jane being bred. After finding out, Grace had a dream. She dreamt Jane had quads. The first two were a buck and adoe and they both had been named Alonesi. The third was named Coconut Macaroon and was white. In another dream the two babies had been named Champion and Jeffery. She saw a picture of Jane it looked like Jane might be having twins. When Grace saw Jane in person, she thought Jane would have triplets. They thought about scheduling Jane for a C-section with the hope of the babies surviving. Her due date was April 2nd and Jack had induced her 36 hours before. Her C-section was schedule for April 3rd.

Susie was started to get jealous even before her half-brothers or sisters showed up. As long as Jack was out in the pen, Susie would make little “ehh-ehh” sounds because she wanted attention. 

On the morning of April 3rd, Jane didn’t seem to be in labor yet. When Dr. Robb showed up, he wasn’t sure if Jane was bred. He checked her milk and looked at Jack and asked “Well?” meaning did he still want to do a C-section or not.

“We didn’t drive up here just for the fun of it,” Jack replied.

Dr. Robb was surprised how big Jane was. He lifted her out of the truck and walked her inside. He had carried Lainie all the way. The other people there were also surprised on how large Jane was.

When one person found out they were having baby goats she said, “Congratulations.”

Hopefully, Grace thought.

A little while later, they heard a little cry. At least the baby was alive and had a sporting chance. The vet technician came out carrying a little chocolate brown goat with white ears wrapped in a towel. There was also another baby back there that was caramel and also alive and doing well. It was a buck and he looked exactly like Mom. The brown one was a doe. The buck had been born first and was bigger. Every person there whether they were a patient or an employee thought they were so cute. Jack, Sven, Grace and even Dr. Robb were surprised Jane only had twins.

“Are you sure there is not a couple more in there?” Jack asked.

“It feels like we are the expectant parents and waiting for the doctor to come out and tell us if it’s a boy or girl,” Grace remarked.

Poor Jane.  She did not want to move. She had made it to the middle of the doorway, before she laid down blocking it. Dr. Robb took hold of her tail while the vet tech held the leash and they sort pushed her the rest of the way into the waiting room like a vacuum cleaner.

“My tail is not a handle,” Jane was probably thinking.

 Jack and Sven loaded her into the back of the truck and Grace took the box with the twins and put them up front with her. They were both hungry and as long as they sucked on Grace’s fingers they didn’t cry.

Grace hadn’t come up with any names. Jack and Charlotte thought about calling them Sadie and Si or Willie and Miss Kay after some of the people on the reality TV show Duck Dynasty. Before they knew the baby doe was brown they had thought about the names Daisy or Rosie. Now it was Coco and Bodeen. The name Coco had been suggested when Susie was born, but Jack said no. It could have been because Susie was gray. Coco would be more appropriate for this baby since she was brown.

At home Jane was still in la-la land and wasn’t paying any attention to her babies. Jack hoped Lainie would claim one if not both of them. Then they could have two goats to eat from. He milked Lainie and bottle fed the twins. Once they figured out there was milk in the bottle, they started sucking.

Coco was a little wobbly on her hind legs and Bodeen’s ears were floppy. Rhonda asked if they could stay at Jack’s until the next feeding because she wanted to bottle feed. Jack tried to get Bodeen to eat from Lainie. He did get a little bit of milk. However, Lainie didn’t want anything to do with Coco and Coco felt the same way. Jack milked Lainie and put some milk into a bottle. After couple of tries the babies just went to town. Sucking was definitely one of their strong points. When Grace tried to see if Bodeen wanted any more milk, Coco tried to climb in her lap, too. They would try and cuddle up to Jane. They were also nibbling on her beard. Grace hoped it was the after effects of the knock out gas and Jane would come out of it and be a good mommy.

Jack said, “I’m going to sell Rob and the baby buck when he gets old enough. I am not going to breed anymore.  That’s it. I’m done.” He has said that every year and every year he turns around and tries to breed them again. However, this time he might just follow through.

This year Hope and Faith are turning two and would have to be bred if they wanted to show them again at the fair. Rob can’t breed them because he is their brother. Bodeen can’t breed them because he is their nephew. He can’t breed Jane or his sister either. Lainie and Carolyn have both had two C-sections and are considered high risk. Jack won’t breed Joy anymore since last time she was hemorrhaging and Pearl is too old. Susie just turned one and is still too young to be bred. Libby didn’t take the first time around and so on and so forth. He had decided not to wether Bodeen. It gives him a better chance of selling him. Not to mention he is adorable. Rob was a handsome goat and had good color and was only two years old. He still had plenty of good breeding years left.

They introduced Gabby to the babies the second day. After looking them over with her nose, she went about her merry way. Every day Gabby went right over and started smelling them again. She could walk right into the pen and smell them and they would just lay there. They didn’t know any better. Gabby was a normal every day thing to them.

Jane was more alert on the third day. She had started to move around and nudge her babies, but she still wasn’t letting them eat. However both of them were trying to jump on her back, but they weren’t big enough yet. Coco was mouthier than her brother. He was fuzzier and Grace knew he was going to be a handsome buck.

They took the twins out in the yard. When Sven tried to take a photo, Coco ran right after him and followed him all over the yard. It was so cute to see her run and hop. Bodeen however was more interested in exploring the grass.  Sven got some video of Coco following Grace around. Grace took of picture of Sven holding Bodeen. Bodeen was sitting all pretty in the palm of his hand. Everyone liked the photo.

By evening the twins had finally started to get some mommy milk and Jane was licking on them. She had started to get up and walk around. Now when Grace would hold one of the twins, Jane would look up at her. When the twins would leave the pen, Jane would get up to see where they went. She would stand in the doorway and bellow at them.

When the twins were a week old they had almost doubled in size. They didn’t take the bottle anymore. When Rhonda and Grace went in to hold the twins, Jane would bellow until they put them down.

When they were eleven days old, Bodeen had his horns burned off. They discovered the ramp leading up to the head gate was another play thing. When they would both run up there, Jane would bellow at them almost like she was scolding them.  Bodeen learned he could run up on the ramp and then jump over onto Jane’s back.

Gabby even joined in the fun. She would chase them, nudge them with her head and smell them all over. When Gabby would chase Coco, Coco would head back for the building. Bodeen would stay in the yard. Bodeen and Gabby became playmates. She would walk up to Bodeen and he would back away and then get on his hind legs and act like he was going to head butt her. Gabby would crouch down, lunge and run in circles. Bodeen liked being up on the cutter deck because he was higher up than Gabby. He must have felt bravier. Grace reminded Gabby she had to be gentle with them and play nice. They were not her chew toys.

Two weeks later, when Grace walked in the building, the twins ran right to her. Coco wanted all the attention. They were jumping up onto the feed bags now.  One of the bags was slanted and they used it as a slide. Now Coco used Jane as a spring board to get into Jack’s lap. She would also balance herself when she was on Jane’s back while Jane walked around.

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