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The Cat Squad And More

                       "The Cat Squad"

There was once this beautiful City,that was called Sidewalk City.It was one of the most neatest places around.There was no garbage on the streets,and the streets and whole entire city were covered with a lot of purple and yellow violets.

Just like all the other cities in the world,they too had their share of the good,bad,and the ugly.

  Sidewalk city was protected by the good,who was two tom cats,and a very fine feline.Their names were,starting with the boys were,Catfish,Whistling Pete,and the beautiful feline her name was Figure 8.

    Everybody kinda looked up to them,as though they were some sort of super heroes or something.These three were thought to be very special,especially in Sidewalk City.And that was because nobody could make a pair of roller skates do what they could make them do. It has been said and proven that nobody in the world could out skate these cats,especially Figure 8.That was because she could skate faster backwards,than anybody thought it possible to skate foward,and that was saying the least.

  Now the people of Sidewalk City,also had their share of the bad,and his name was Hurricane.He earned that name,because wherever he went along,he left everything in a turnmoil.Meaning garbage in the streets,and everything from baby pampers,rotten food,old news papers,you name it,it could be found all over everywhere,when Hurricane,got done turning over garbage cans.

   Then there was the ugly one,who never came around until, Hurricane had finished dumping out the garbage cans,then he would invite himself to dinner.Everyone knew him in Sidewalk City as the Hustler.

   One day everything was going pretty smooth until along came Hurricane the tom cat sniffing,and turning over garbage and rummaging through the garbage dumpster. As soon as Hurricane had suceeded in messing up the street,whata you know,along came the ugly Hustler himself.

  What are you doing over on this side of town,so early in the day,asked's like this  Hurricane,whenever I smell garbage I'm your Johnny on the spot replied The Hustler. Oh! By the way said the Hustler to Hurricane,can I borrow a dime? Everytime I see you,you begging,need to get yourself a JOB replied Hurricane. I don't see you knocking down no  doors,and anyway if everybody could despose of their garbage some other way,besides throwing it in the dumpster,where would that leave you?asked the Hustler.I never thought of it that way,replied Hurricane the cat,and here's your dime,and now you scat said one cat to another.Thank you replied the Hustler.As soon as the Hustler put the dime in his pocket,it fell right to the ground.The Hustler had never noticed that he had a big hole in his pocket.

    But in the meantime,everbody that lived in Sidewalk City had started to complain,how Hurricane the cat was messing up their town.

    It really didn't take the Cat Squad,who was none other than,Whistling Pete,Catfish,and that fine cat of a feline Figure 8,to get the news,that Hurricane was back up to his old trigks again,and that was lottering up the streets of Sidewalk City.

  So before Hurricane and Hustler knew what hit them,they were now being chased by the famous Cat Squad.The Cat Squad came around the corner,on them roller-skates so fast,it sent the Hurricane and the Hustler brain in a tail spin.It didn't take Hurricane long to figure out he need to be turning corners about now.And the chase was own.The Hustler were already shaking in his boots.When it really came down to fighting,Hurricane was all mouth and no action.The Hustler was a different story.He was what one would call a real scary cat.The Hustler was a  thinker if he was kind of slow thinking it.Before the Cat Squad could catch up with them,Hurricane and the Hustler made it to the skyscrapper building,which was 500 stories high.The two of them ran inside the building and onto the elavator as fast as their legs could carry them.Hurricane and the Hustler thought they were safe,when they ran into the building and onto the elavator.Now that they had reached the 500th floor,they were soon going to find out that they can't escape the famous Cat Squad.When Hurricane and the Hustler went onto the roof there they were the Cat Squad. Just because they couldn't see them didn't mean that they were lost.As a matter of fact the Cat Squad were already on the roof,when Hurricane and the Hustler arrived.They already had their ropes out of their backpacks,and waiting and ready to capture them.The Cat Squad put handcuffs on Hurricane and the Hustler they were now on their way to the Sidewalker jail to be charged with litter bugging.Next the Cat Squad tied ropes around the Hurricane and the Hustler waist and lowered them slowly to the ground.And then the Cat Squad skated back down the side of the building like they skated up.Whistling Pete was having a little trouble with his rope,and so he put his fingers to his lips,and let out one of his famous whistles that everybody knew,especially the Cat Squad.The whistle was sought of a trademark to Whistling Pete.Figure 8 threw Whistling Pete another rope,and then he to was safely on the ground,with the rest of the Cat Squad.Now that Cat Squad had sucessfully saved the day,and Hurricane and the Husler were back in jail where they belong.

  After this altercation they were very tired,so they set down to take a short break.Along came Figure 8 brother Midget,the reason he was called Midget he was only a tiny little kitten.Midget said to his sister Figure 8 I wish I could skate like you all backwards and everything.Figure 8 let out a huge sigh.What's the matter? asked Whistling Pete.I got something in my eye said Figure 8.Wait!I'll get it out says Whistling Pete.So in his backpack he went,and came out with a kleenex to wipe Figure 8 right eye.Not that one! yelled Figure 8.So Whistling Pete went around to the left eye,not that one! yelled Figure 8.Well What eyes are you talking about?asked Whistling Pete.These eyes yelled Figure 8.At this time Figure 8 parted her hair in the back,and there they were,the two most beautiful brown eyes in the world.Until this day,nobody never knew that she had eyes in the back of her head,not the Cat Squad not even  her brother Midget the kitten.Figure 8 then turned to her little brother Midget and said,unless you have eyes in the back of your head,never try skating backwards,you could get run over by a car or worse.Now that Midget had learned first hand the dangers of skating backwards,he lost his nerve altogether.Unfortunately Midget was not bless with eyes in the back of his head.            THE END   



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