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Through Them

Through Them

I reached for my existence
In a world in need of reverence
Lost in solitary diligence
When my fingers slaved deliverance

My eyes sought upon corruption
Innocence tainted with delusion
This world slandered in pollution
Darkened humanity reigns desecration

Where was humanity when Hitler swore in?
When our family lost those Jewish children?

Where was humanity when
Nixon lied till the end?
Vietnam lead
By General Westmoreland?

Where were our boys?
When they couldn’t eat
Grandma’s apple pie?
They were serving a war
For the cause of good,
Then left to die!

Where is humanity when children are born
to a mother with a needle in her arm?

‘Tis a world seduced by irrelevance
To any profound means of existence!

Thrown over by the power of material delusion
To satisfy a selfish momentary lapse of reason

I am humbled for those not remembered
For their true humanity,
An evolution of my soul!
Through them I am delivered
From unseen blasphemy
And through them,
I am known

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