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I could see her receding hair line from the crouch - which i used to
sit and slack everyday without fail. I could see the reluctance yet
determined forces in her haggard eyes. Who would want to serve her
family without fail everyday? Be it rain or shine, she was there for
her three children. No matter what they did, or what extent the things
they did hurt her, she never gave up on them. This is because of a
binding responsibility she felt she had to carry for as long as she
lived. Yes. She was their mother. She has been a caring teacher for 20
years, never rested a day at home. She was always busy with the chores.
WHY? Because no body was there to help her. Her three children which
she has painstakingly brought up through the years has "left" her. Not physically
but mentally. They never helped out with the heavy chores nor ever spared
an extra pint of concern for her. But she never blamed them. Anyway, they
were her children. Now you must be wondering where their father went?
Their father, her husband left three years ago due to an acute heart
disease, causing her to be a window and them fatherless overnight. He
left her a heavy burden which she had to carry her whole life - children.
She faced it. But at that time, she thought it seemed easier than it was.
Never did she know, her efforts were all coming to a nought.
Her first daughter, is hardworking, fashionedly oriented and independent.
She was attached for many a times which all proved in vain since
she broke up with them. Presently, she is on closed terms with her boyfriend
- the third serious one. She seemed to have neglected the presence of
the motherly figure who was always there to warm up the food for her,
who called when she was ill, who picked her clothes after her, who waited
in the dark shadows of the windy night when she was home late. To her, her
mother was no more of a confidante and someone who was conveniently there,
no matter rain or shine. But she never blamed her eldest for being
selfish. She was only glad that she allowed her to share her troubles with
her. But the problem was - who would share it with her when she needed
Her second daughter is wildful, stubborn and prideful. Always thinking
that she was right in everything she does. She always judges her mom and
a part of her, just a small teeny weeny part, seemed to dread her mom for
the tyrant she has been in her younger days. Being lazy and unsensitive,
she tends to frequently overlooks her poor shadow's needs and doings.
Even though she knows she is at fault, she often let her pride get in the way of
an apology, leaving her "shadow" to be disappointed time and again. Even
though she has tried to be nicer to her mother, it has always failed. And
even so, her mother never blamed or ignored her. She was always ready to
lend a helping hand and put on a smile when she needed it. But the problem is -
Who would help her wipe her tears which fell in the middle of the
silent night?
The last child - son is lazy, rebellious and egoistic. Being of a younger
age, he does not know what to think or how to. He often makes her cry.
And unfortunately, this reminds her of her late husband who often make her
sob due to his incoherent actions and behaviour and speech. He does not
care how she feels. He is self centered. Due to his comfortable life
he has experienced during his younger days, he tends to take alot forgranted.
But even though he is trying to change, he still fails to put on a smile
on her face. School work has always being her foremost concern of this
child. He is often reluctant to work hard and she is afraid that he
would not be able to succeed in life in the future. He does not really understand
this point and often mistakes it for another. But she will continue even though
she knows that she will be scolded and ranted at. She just wants the best
for him. Which mother does not? But the problem is - who will shower
the same amount of concern she has given him? Will he ever understand the
fear she has within her. The fear that one day if she is no longer
around to serve him, he would still be able to stand on his two feet
and lead a proper life?

One day, she falls and began to tumble into a deep slumber. This time
she never woke up. She was too tired. When she woke up, she saw herself
in a white place and when she looked down, she saw her three children
moaning over her. She wanted to caress them and tell them she was fine
but all she grabbed was a bag of air. She knew she could no longer
protect nor serve them. She mourned and mourned....


Who would care about this poor woman's feelings?
Is she always a poor figure at the back of an empty hall?
Striving for others but never understood...
Is she going to let her life wither off with the passing of days?
Pricing her children above all when they dont understand
Is it a stupid act in this era when everyone is fighting for survival?
When one is so blinded by the material possessions and luxuries or
Is it a noble act which can transcend such wordly thoughts by mortal fools?
When is this act going to be recognised
Never, maybe
Is it worth it?
Yes, definitely
To her, yes
They are her everything
Even how the world would change
It would never change a persistant heart of a mother towards her child

MORAL: Please do not neglect your actions towards your mother. One will live
to regret eventually. Everyone has faults but the best thing is to
learn how to let it go and forgive.. Learn to accept and one will
learn how to love. The world will be a better place with more
understanding and love between individuals..
"sTranger are only FamIly You Have Not Met...."
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