ONE LEGGED ANNE AND THE WINDY DAY, | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Life Bookmark and Share


Anne crutched her way
through the narrow path
and back gate behind you
on to the side path

that led to the beach
the sky was overcast
she moved up beside you
as you stood there

looking at the horizon
look at the sea
and sky and gulls
Skinny Boy

look at that wildness
breathe in the air
she said
fill your bloody lungs

with it
you breathed in deeply
smell of sea salt
filled you

if I had both my legs
I’d go out there
and swim
she said

she moved forward
until her foot
and crutches
touched the start

of the sand
come on Boy
breath it in
you breathed in

deep again
she stood there
her green skirt
billowing in the wind

her dark hair
blown about
this is fucking life
this is it

all I want now
is a tall ship
to sail her by
or so

the bloody poet
said somewhere
she said
you looked at her

standing like
some captain
of a ship
her skirt rising

and falling
carried by the wind
now and then
her stump showed

and her other thigh
with her white leg
what do you think Boy?
good huh?

you said
breezy and fresh
you stood

trying to keep
your balance
your short trousers
moving in the breeze

the white tee shirt flapping
she crutched herself
onto the sand more
you followed

moving near her
she gripped
the crutches firm
we found that fish

on the beach
up there
you said
she looked

where you pointed
yes and they cooked it
for dinner next day
she said

and it was fucking rank
you laughed
and she grinned
it was up there

by that wave breaker
that you kissed me
she said
you made me

you replied
well you enjoyed it
didn’t you?
you nodded

the wind
carried her voice away
her words
were broken up

individual words
came here
and there
then away again

she looked up
at the darkening sky
o hell
she said

here comes
the pissing rain.

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