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Three Fat Faries & their Mini Cooper

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              Three Fat Fairies & Their Mini Cooper.

                        The adventures beginning                                

                             By David Stevens.



   The problem sometimes with being a fairy is that the foods you most like to eat are very sugary and so are very fattening. Normally of course fairies burn of those calories very quickly by flying, but on occasion that just does not happen. This can leads to all sorts of terrible and some fun things happening.


   Beneath the hawthorn hedge, at the back of a huge scrap-yard, which is a place that people, that’s humans, not fairies, dump their old cars. If you look very carefully and also peal back the lowest most dense and thorniest branches, you will discover a door.

    It is not much of a door to look at being brown and wooden with a black handle and a lions head for a door knocker made of metal. What you have uncovered is a small door and doors have to lead somewhere, and in this case this door leads into a room in which three very fat fairies are sitting around a burning candle, each trying to either sow, knit or read respectedly.

   Each of them has tiny gossamer wings all bright and cheerful and very nice to look at. They are all wearing the lightest most pretty dresses all made of spider silk, with a tiny gold crown perched on their heads and with tiny shoes on their delicate feet, but they also had a huge belly which sticks out into the room.  

   Each has a chair of their own and a little side-table on which is a tall cold glass of nectar and a huge cream covered cake, perfectly filled with delightful foods placed appealingly to tempt them, and with a delicate looking wand laid just so in case they should need anything else, like hot chocolate with cream and honey biscuits.

   Their problem was obvious to each as they looked around at the others, they knew that they were fat, they were also very bored and quite lonely as well, each missed all the lovely places they used to go when they could fly.

   From the mantelpiece a caterpillar all green and leggy looked down on them, he felt quite safe unless they were angry, which being both fat and house bound they tended to be. He coughed loudly, interrupting the silence below. He coughed again adding a long lingering hummmmm at the end of his cough.

   “What is it?” demanded Felicia the oldest of the three fairies as she looked up from her rather bor~rrr~ing book, titled:- People and places to visit and use magic on, for fairy fun.

   The caterpillar, who was usually called James though sometimes not, looked down at Felicia and wondered if he should have coughed at all.

   “You look bored, all of you, very very bored; why don’t you go out for a while and have some fun?”

   “Out, go out!” Exclaimed Francine. “Out, go out looking like this!” She pointed down to her huge belly. “You want us to go out to be laughed at and, well I never!” She fell silent glaring upward at James the caterpillar.

   Her friend sitting opposite her looked up as well, it was nearly too much for James to bear, he tried to hide amongst the dust and failed miserably.

   “Where and how would you suggest that we go, we can’t walk far and we can’t fly either, so what would be the point?”

   James looked back down saying almost in a whisper. “You have your wands, why don’t you make like the humans and get a car, then you would not need to walk or fly, and no-one could see you either.”

   There was a splutter followed by the slamming down of a book, clearly James felt he had said the wrong thing so he tried his very best this time to hide and again he failed, as a pocket dragon of a fairy stood up from here seat putting her hands on her hips and simply glared up at him.

   “You know he might have something, he just might!” The pocket dragon looked at her companion, waiting.

   “What if we were to get ourselves one of those cars, we could you know, it would be quite easy just a little wand waving and presto transport.

   “And how are you going to drive it?”

   “Well I thought we might use magic after all we are fairies.”

   “Where would we go if we did have a car and we could drive it?” Asked Maria the youngest of the three,


That was how what was to become known as The Adventures of Three Fat Fairies and a Mini Cooper car was begun.

Coming soon. 


The Adventures of Three Fat Fairies and a Mini Cooper car




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