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Man Loses Valuable Coin



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For more than 30 years, Larry and his wife, Lois, had been planning their retirement.


Those retirement years were rapidly approaching and, based on the couple’s sound investment decisions and the interest they had earned on their bank CDs and regular savings accounts, those years looked rosy.


The couple also began purchasing gold and silver coins. “This should provide us with a hedge against inflation,” Larry said.


“The Sovereign Lord has blessed us with a sound financial foundation for retirement,” Lois said. “I like the fact we have these gold and silver coins. They look and feel much more like real money than these messy greenbacks and this plastic money we use.”


The couple kept most of their coins in a safe deposit box at their bank. They did, however, keep some of the coins at home.


One day, Larry decided to take some of the coins to show to his co-workers. “Maybe you can convince some of your buddies to buy gold and silver,” Lois said.


Larry selected some of the nicest-looking coins to take with him to work. On his lunch break, Larry placed them on the table. The co-workers were thrilled to see the beautiful coins. Some of his friends said they planned to buy coins, too.


When Larry got home from work, he removed the coins from his pocket to make sure he hadn’t lost any of them. “All the coins are here except for the oldest,” He told Lois. “It must have fallen out of my pocket when I was getting out of the car.”


“Let’s go outside, and I’ll help you look for it, Dear,” said Lois.


Lois searched for the coin in the tall grass, while Larry looked inside the car, but they didn’t find the coin.


“I have an idea,” said Lois. “In Luke chapter 15 a lady lost a coin, and she swept her house until she found it. I will sweep every room in our home, and I think the coin will show up.”


“We have two brooms Honey,” Larry said. “If you sweep downstairs, I’ll sweep upstairs.”


“Thanks, Sweetheart,” Lois chuckled. “I just want you to know you’re still sweeping me off my feet.”


A short time later, Larry found the lost coin. “When I got home, I went upstairs to put my keys on the table next to our bed,” he said. “When I took the keys out of my pocket, the coin must have fallen onto the carpet on the bedroom floor.”


“I have another idea,” said Lois. “Why don’t we put all these coins in the box at the bank. I don’t think there’s much chance the bank will lose them.”


“Good idea,” Larry said. “The only problem we might have is if someone robbed the bank and decided to steal all the safe deposit boxes!”


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