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The Song

{indent} In the dark silence of night, the girl stood in the midst of things unknown. She had the beautiful, mysterious, and somewhat elegant charm that would send shivers down any manís spine. Her skin was the pale white like the color of the moon on a clear summer night, and her large black eyes were sunken and glazed giving the look of something dead and faded. Her hair was black, and so long, the ends of it kissed the ground. She wore a long flowing sleeveless black dress made out of material unknown to mortal eyes.
{indent} The place where the girl stood was wild, and lost in the vegetation. Grey gravestones faded and broken with time, peeped out of the sea of grass, like rows of sharp teeth. Temples loomed in the background covered with moss and ivy. In the sky, the autumn moon shone blood red quieting all the other stars in the sky.
{indent} A crack of white lighting danced playfully through the darkness as a loud rumble of thunder broke the silent spell. The girl walked slowly, ominously leaving a trail through the thick grass-like vegetation.
She started to sing a song the words from a language long forgotten. The song had an eerie and luring tone to it. One that would fill the listener with fear, but still he would press on to find, and follow the creator of that song to settle some irrespirable curiosity that burned deep inside him.
{indent} This is where I met the girl. However, why I was close enough to that horrid place to hear her song I cannot say. I had heard the stories around warm glowing red campfires in frozen winters when the men of the ancient forest village go out for there last hunt of the season. I did not believe the stories. Why should I believe a story told only near the glowing heat of a flame and around friends to break the frozen silence and restlessness of men? Besides that, I was young only 19. I was too full of pride and courage to hear the futile calls of the childish fears that burned within my inner being.
{indent} On that dark night, I heard her song. Despite my better judgment, and the cold clutches of fear that sent my entire body shivering. I searched hopefully for the girl who had such a haunting song in her soul and on her lips. I wondered trapt in a luring spell through the dark eons of the night, and the unknown. A path most people are resistant to travel. Until I saw the girl, and froze unsure what to do now that, I had found the source of my curiosity.
{indent} She stared at me with her large black eyes engulfing my own, not missing a beat of her song. She looked as if at that moment she was looking straight through me examining every part of my soul. . Feeling it with a cold dark numbness, I could not escape. Her song ceased; into an awkward silence. In this moment, I wished to be anywhere except there in the dark, haunted place with the ghost of a siren before me. Yet my body would not move except for the occasional shiver. I could do nothing except stare at her with large frightened gray eyes.
{indent} If the beast of a girl sensed my fear, she seemed to take some enjoyment from it. She smiled a bone-chilling smile reveling two fangs that came out of her mouth in sharp points shinning white with only a little stain to show they had ever been touched by the gushing blood of a victim. She started walking slowly toward me. I tried to run, to get away from her path, but again my body refused to move. Fear unknown to me before ran through my veins. I tried to scream, to tell her not to come any closer but the words stuck in my throat. My mouth would not open. My heart rammed against my chest in big booms as if to try to escape. Then I felt the cold harsh grip of her hand on my arm. Everything went black.
{indent} When I had come to, the girl was leading me through the thick tall grass jungle. Her hand grasped tightly around my arm dragging me along as a mother would a reluctant child. Around the gray tombs that stuck up through the grass like the teeth of some dead monstrous beast. I had calmed down some and the cold fear I once had felt seemed to be replaced with some warm strange excitement. We walked hand in hand though she seemed to my eyes as if she was floating just skimming the top of the land as she glided on through the endless night.
{indent} She smiled warmly, and I returned it realizing the beauty in such a creature as she was. When we stopped by ivy covered tomb. She let go of my hand without a second glance as if by now she knew she had me deep in her spell. She need not have any fear of losing me. She touched the temples door with her hand and whispered something in a language I had never heard before. The templeís stone door glowed with brilliant white light that I fear if I had looked at it for one second more would have left me a blind man for the rest of my life. The glimpse of it I did see looked like the inside of the temple was filled with an infinite number of tinny stars swirled together to create a great galaxy of paradise.
{indent} When the light cleared and I glanced at the temple, again I saw it to be dark and dank, and filled with the noxious smell of death. I felt sick, and my stomach did a few flips inside my body. I coughed a few times my choughs echoed through the quite stillness of the night. I no longer wanted to go with her the excitement fading as the childish fears once aging rose in my soul. She turned and walked back towards me where once more I could not stir. She put her arms around me in a lose embrace, and her pale lips touched mine in a poisonous kiss. A warm excitement burned through out my body blocking the coldness of her touch. I returned the kiss with the same wondrous passion.
{indent} Then we both walked into the dank, coldness of the temple this time I felt only a twinge of sickness, as I smelled the heavy scent of death around me. It was only after that my mortal eyes opened to what see were, and what exactly she wanted to do to my body. Then it was to late my screams silenced as the door to the temple closed once more.
{indent} I tell you this to warn you take heed in the old stories for they might hold the truth. It is now too late for me Iím no longer with the living. Yet I am not dead either but caught somewhere between the axis. I can write no more now for I can hear her voice calling out for me and Iím far too weak to resist. I only hope I can find away to send this out to my village. To the living before there fate becomes as mine.

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