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Who Cares?

Kirsty got ready for work. She was dreading it. She'd been at the supermarket, ever since leaving school. She used to love it there, but not since most of her friends had left, then with new manager recently taking charge. She wished she could get away from it for a while. Just take off somewhere, but she had used up her holiday time for the year.
   Then, waiting for the bus, she thought about booking a holiday. She was going to ask her sister to go with her. She knew Donna needed to get away, especially after splitting up from her partner, which had made her depressed. So after finishing work she headed to the travel agents and got two tickets to the Canary Islands. When she got home she phoned her sister.
   'You've done what?' her sister said. 'What about work? You've got no holidays left. How are you going to explain your absence? And it's January. There ain't gonna be much in the Canary Islands at this time of year.'
   'I don't care,' Kirsty answered. 'Whatever, it'll still be warmer than here. I'll tell the manager that Gran is ill and I've had to go and look after her. So, you coming, or what?'
   'Yeah, go on. Being as you've got the tickets.'
   The Saturday came and the two of them headed to the airport. The weather was dreadful. It had been snowing for most of the morning. Donna was convinced their flight would be cancelled. Kirsty was keeping optimistic. But when they got there, they found it had been cancelled.
   'Oh, no,' Kirsty said, looking disappointed .
   'I told you, didn't I?' Donna replied, knowing there wouldn' be flights leaving the airport while the bad weather continued.
   'Well. I'm not going home.'
   'What do you suggest? camping out here, till a flight is available?'
   'We can go to Blackpool.'
   'You can't be serious. How are we going to get to there?'
   'We can go in your car. It's only seventy miles away.'
   And that is what they did. The taxi they got into outside the airport dropped them off at Donna's house. They then loaded their stuff into her car and drove towards Blackpool, stopping at a service station on the way.
   'Can't wait till we get there, can you?' Kirsty said to Donna as they were eating their breakfasts in the service station.
   'I suppose not,' she replied. 'Hey, this trip's is going to cost a bit, isn't it?'
   'This is paying for it all,' she said, holding up a credit card to show Donna.
   When the got to Blackpool, they searched for somewhere to stay.
   'Hey, look over there,' Kirsty said, spotting a vacancy sign
   'What a dump,' Donna replied, noticing the state of the place
   'Who cares. It's the only vacancy sign we've seen. Anyway, it's the inside that matters.'
   It was bad inside as well. Did Kirsty care? At least the landlady seemed friendly.
   The two of them ended up having a great time , despite it being winter. They also got friendly with the landlady's daughter, who showed them some of the best nightclubs in town.
   On the final day of their holiday, Kirsty and Donna stood on the pier, reflecting on the events of the past week.
   Kirsty turned to Donna and said, ' I've had a wonderful time. How about you?'
   'Yeah, I have as well. It's been brilliant..'
   Once back home, Kirsty went round to see her gran to tell her what she and Donna had been up to, but did Kirsty have a suprise when her gran told her that a girl called Claire had been round, expecting Kirsty to be with her while she was ill. Her gran told Claire that she knew nothing about Kirsty coming to look after her. As far as she was concerned, Kirsty was at work.
   Kirsty feared the worst making her way home. Claire wasn't one for keeping her mouth shut. She was sure that Claire would tell the manager at the supermarket that she had been nowhere near her gran's house.
   'You're for it now,' Donna said after Kirsty had phoned her to say what her gran had told her.
   When she got back to work, Kirsty was summoned to the manager's office. He had a stern look on his face. She just kept wondering where she could get another job at such short notice.
   'Have I got something to tell you?,' she said to Donna after arriviing at her house after work had finished.
   'Well, if you've been sacked, you sure seem happy about it.'
   'I haven't been sacked, but I was called into the manager's office, though.'
   'If he didn't sack you, what did he want?'
   'I'm only being made reduntant. We all have. The supermarket is closing down. That's why Claire had gone to Gran's, to let me know.'
   'So, what are you going to do now?'
   'Who cares? At least I'm getting out of that place. And I've got time to look for another job.'

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