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The Heat Is On

Katy was cold.‭ ‬The heating in her flat had stopped working.‭ ‬She had her coat on,‭ ‬trying to keep warm.‭ ‬Where was that heating engineer‭? ‬He should have turned up ages ago.‭ ‬She'd had enough of waiting.‭ ‬She thought there was only one thing for it‭ - ‬to go to her mum's.‭ ‬So she left a note on the door,‭ ‬telling the engineer that she had got fed up of waiting.
‭   When Katy got to her mum's, she couldn't‭ get an answer after ringing the doorbell.‭ ‬Where was she?‭ ‬She was usually in at this time of day.        She‭ ‬then decided to go to the nearest cafe to get something to drink so as she could get warm.‭ A‬fter leaving the cafe‭ ‬she made her way home.‭ When she got‬ there, she saw the heatinig engineer sitting in his van. He looked‭ ‬as though he hadn't a care in the world.
   'Decided to turn up,‭ ‬have we‭?' she said to him after he had got out of the van.
   'Sorry,‭ ‬love,‭ ‬I got called out on an emergency.‭'

   'So this isn't an emergency‭? ‬I've been freezing to death all morning.‭'
   'Don't worry,‭' ‬he said to her.‭ '‬I'll soon get the heating back on for you.‭'
   He seemed to take ages sorting the heating out.‭ ‬She was getting annoyed.‭ ‬She couldn't be bothered to ask him if he wanted anything to drink.‭ ‬She didn't really care.‭ ‬All she wanted was her heating back on.‭ ‬She was dying for a bath.‭ ‬She just sat watching the telly, hoping he wasn't going to be much longer‭. Then,‭ ‬just has she was beginning to give up hope,‭ ‬he came into the room where she was sitting.
‭   ‬'I've got it working, love,' he said to her,‭ '‬but there's a new part it will need. I don't have one with me, so‭ ‬I'll bring it round tomorrow,‭ ‬if that's OK‭?'
   'It'll have to be,‭ ‬won't it‭?' ‬she replied in a temper.
‭ ‬  After showing him to the door,‭ she hurried‬ to the bathroom.‭ ‬She couldn't wait to get into the bath.‭
   While soaking away in the bath she started to feel guilty.‭ ‬She'd been so horrible to him.‭ ‬He was really good looking‭. And probably not single. If he was, he wasn't going to show much interest in her. Not after the way she had treated him.
‭ ‬  Next day,‭ ‬she waited in for him to arrive.‭ T‬his time he was early.
‭ ‬  'Are you all right, love?' he asked her with a smile.‭ '‬I've got the part you need.‭ ‬I'll soon have it fitted.‭ Put the kettle on.‭ ‬I could do with a drink,‭'
   Katy reckoned he had a cheek asking her to put the kettle on, but she thought that he deserved a drink.
‭   ‬'Here you are.‭ ‬I've made you a mug of coffee.‭ ‬I hope you don't take sugar?‭ ‬I ‭haven't got any.'

   'It's all right.‭ ‬I can drink it without.'
‭ ‬  'It's a good job you can,' ‬she said handing him the mug.‭ '‬Oh,‭ ‬by the way,‭ ‬I'm sorry the way I treated you yesterday.‭'
   'It's OK.‭ ‬It's all forgotten about.‭'
   After he finished adding the new part to the boiler,‭ he spent ages chatting with her.‭ ‬She felt like asking him if he was single but she didn't have the nerve to.
‭  ‬ Next day,‭ on her way to her mum's,‭ she couldn't stop thinking about the heating engineer. She told her mum all about him.
‭   After leaving‬ her mum's, she started to make her way home.‭ O‬n the way she met Claire,‭ ‬one of her neighbours.
‭   'Hi,‭ ‬Claire,‭ ‬you OK‭?'
   'Yeah, I'm fine.‭ Hey‬,‭ ‬there's a man trying to get access to your flat.‭ ‬I saw him pressing your buzzer outside. He isn't half good looking.‭'
   Katy didn't stop to talk to Claire for much longer.‭ ‬She carried on towards home as quick as she could.‭ ‬But there was no way it was going to be the heating engineer.‭ ‬What possible reason would he have to call‭? ‬Knowing her luck,‭ ‬it was probably someone pressing the wrong buzzer.
‭ ‬  'You all right‭?' ‬A voice said to her as she got close the flat‭?'
  'Yeah,‭ ‬I'm fine.‭ You didn't ‬forget anything‭, did you?'
  'Yes,‭ ‬I did.‭'
  'What did you forget‭?'
  ' I didn't actually forget anything,‭ ‬It's just that there's something I need to know.‭'
   'And what's that?'
   'Are you busy tonight‭?'
   'Not especially.‭ ‬Why‭?'
   'Fancy coming out with us,‭ ‬then‭?'
   'Yeah, OK.‭' she answered in a cool manner.
    Katy felt so happy on her way up to her flat. Boy,was she glad that the heating had stopped working. She wouldn't have known he ever existed otherwise.‭

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