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Everything DOES happen for a reason

Another day is here, Alexa thought to herself.
"Good morning," Andrew said to her. "Sleep good?"
"Yes. You?"
"I did." He smiled. "What time are your classes today?"
"Uh, my first is at 11 a.m." She began. "Why?"
"Just wondering." He said.
Alexa and Andrew are in college- they are freshman. The two live together and they are dating.
"I need to leave now," She said. "I'll be back around 5. Okay?"
"I'll be here around 6." Andrew replied.
She gave him a kiss goodbye and headed out the door.
"One day, we will have the most intimate night the history of intimate nights," He said outloud.

Time passed. Classes ended. Alexa came home and decided to cook dinner. She whipped up something fancy and waited for Andrew. At 6 p.m., he walked in.
"Mmm, smells good." He commented. He set down his things and walked to the tiny tabled. They ate pretty fast. After cleaning, they watched tv on the couch.
"Let's have sex," Andrew said.
"I'm trying to wait until i get married."
"I can't resist you though. Please- Alexa- don't make me wait!"
"Maybe, uh, later?" She replied.
He took off his shirt and then his pants. He stood in the living room with just his boxers on.
"Put some clothes on!" Alexa commanded.
"Take some clothes off!" He said. Andrew sat next to her on the couch, taking off her shirt as best as he could. He started kissing her.
"Andrew..." She sighed. Andrew picked her up and brought her to the bedroom. She slipped off her clothes, finally giving in.
Andrew saw her naked body for the first time. She saw his for the first too. They started kissing wildly.

Andrew lay on top of Alexa staring at her breasts. He caressed the nipples, making Alexa feel pleasured.
"Don't stop," She said.
He smiled. "I won't."
Alexa ran her fingers down the front of Andrew and then ran them back up to his lips. She kissed them softly.
Andrew's eyes went up and down Alexa's body. He took her legs and spread them open. Alexa felt excited.
"Ready?" he whispered.
"Not yet..." She replied climbing on top of Andrew.
She touched his body and he touched hers. She climbed up his body.
"Come to me," He murmured. "That's right..."
"I'm ready," She announced, putting Andrew on top.
He spread her legs open, and entered her body.
"Oh, oh, oh." She said, feeling uncomfortable.
"Are you okay?" He asked.
"Yeah." She replied.
The intimate night continued on until 2:30 in the morning. The following day was Friday, and they had no classes. They took the time to rest.

A month later, Alexa's life hit rock bottom. She was no longer with Andrew- and she was pregnant. She couldn't contact Andrew. She tried to visit, but his new roommates claimed he was never there. Over the months, Alexa' stomach grew bigger and the lies grew bigger too. The day came when the baby would be born. Alexa was alone and needed someone to take her to the hospital. She went to Andrew's room.
"I am in labor. Andrew should come with me to witness his child being born!"
His roommates told him and he rushed out. "Let's go."
The hospital room was plain and white. It was quiet. It was nice. After 20 hours of labor, the delivery finally came.
"You are 10 centimeters." The doctor announced. After five pushes, Nicole Lydia was born.

The years passed and Nicole grew up fast. Andrew was never in Nicole's life. He was off getting other women pregnant. Last time Nicole and Alexa visited his parents, they said he had four children across the country with four different women.
"Nicole was his second child. He was 15 and already a father to a 13 year old's baby."
"Wow." Alexa said. "If I had known..."
"We've really tried to keep our contact with him limited." His mother said.
Then a man walked into the room.
"Dante, this is Alexa. She was Andrew's girlfriend. This is their baby Nicole. Alexa, this is Dante, Andrew's brother." His father said.
Dante's mother whispered to Alexa, "He's single."

Life went faster than ever, and suddenly, Dante and Alexa's wedding day arrived! Nicole was the flower girl. She was adorabled in the dress she wore.
As Dante and Alexa grew older, they had three children together. Alexa realized that Nicole was brought to her for a reason and Andrew deceived her for a reason.

~ ThE eNd ~
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