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The WitchDoctor Chapter 1:An Unpleasent Suprise

        I wimpered as I felt the fierce,rough skin on the old womens hand that grabbed mine.The loose skin on here face gave me the goosebumps.

        "Come Here Jenny,"The women said putting her hand out toward me.I slowly shook my head and turned,with my arms crossed."C'mon dearie! We have to get Going!"The women exclaimed in a high muffled voice."I'm not Going to your stupid 'get together' with all your rinkled face friends!"I replied in a high angered voice.

        "Fine,I guess you'll have to stay here ALL by yourself...,"the lady replied back.

        The next day,Jenny was sound asleep in here bed when the women got home.She tiptoed into jenny's room to see if she was still awake then tiptoed back to the front door.
        She quickly grabbed a brown coat,put it on and rushed out the door.She took a necklace out of here pocket and it started to glow white.Then she walked up to a wall in an abandon alley where she started to speak gibberish,which cause the bricks on the wall to fall of, leaving a gaping hole in the wall.

         Unlike what the old crooked woman thought, Jenny wasn't asleep,she just set a manican in her bed and followed here Guardian and when she saw the wall,Here eyes widened.She couldn't beleive here eyes.

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