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Pretend It's Not Me

Coming out to your family isn't always the liberating experience many would have you believe. Freeing oneself from a life of secrets and inner turmoil is something we all want and deserve, but feeling good about yourself and who you really are shouldn't be the only factors that influence your confession. It's a complicated multi dementional process that's as unique and as fragile as a snowflake. Just because your best friend tells you coming out is the greatest thing you can do for yourself doesn't mean they know what they're talking about. It's easy for someone to advise you when the risk is not their own. Speaking from personal experience you can't assume to know what kind of reaction you'll get. Your family may have raised you preaching the gospel of unconditional love but when it comes to being gay all bets are off. I've wanted to write my story for the longest time but the emotional fallout has been so devestating that it derailed my recovery and almost put me in the ground. I'm hoping that by taking this step and sharing my own personal experience I might reach someone out there who is trapped at a crossroads in their life and wondering if the road they choose will be the right one.

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