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It's All In Your Head

Amy was fed up. Things weren't going to plan. And she was late for work. She had to go in. She had no choice, even though she didn't feel like it. So she started to make her way to the bus stop, but on approaching she saw the bus going straight past. She thought there was only one thing for it - to make her way back home.
   Once back at home, she went through to the kitchen and switched on the kettle. Sipping her coffee she began to think about what she was going to do for the rest of the day. She fancied going in to town to look at the nice things she couldn't afford. And anyway, she knew that one day she would be able to buy such things. She just knew it. 
   After a little more thinking she decided to call her friend Chrissie to ask her go with her. She didn't want to go on her own. Chrissie was on holiday for the week. And she knew Chrissie would be willing to go with her. So she picked up the phone.
   'Hiya,' she said after Chrissie had answered.
   'Oh, hi, Amy. Why aren't you at work?'
   Cos I missed the bus. That's why. And that's why I phoning. Fancy coming in to town?'
   'Yeah, OK,' Chrissie answered, thinking there was nothing better to do.
   'Right. I'll meet you outside the supermarket in an hour's time.'
   After putting the receiver down Amy went to get her jacket. She couldn't wait to get to town. If she stayed in, all she would be doing would be watching the television.
   After putting on her jacket she left to catch the bus. This bus she wasn't going to miss.
    When the bus arrived in town she got off. As she did she collided with this lad. They apologised. to each other. Then she just expected him to carry on to wherever he was going to, but he didn't. He stopped and started chatting to her. She was surprised. She was even more surprised when he asked her what she was doing that evening.          After they parted she made her way to the supermarket to meet Chrissie. She knew Chrissie would be mad when she finally did arrive. That was if Chrissie was still there. She wasn't exactly the patient type. But on reaching the supermarket she saw Chrissie standing there, looking at her watch.
   'Where the hell have you been till now? Chrissie said when Amy arrived outside the supermarket.
   'Oh, sorry I'm late,' she said, with a smug look, 'but I bumped in to this lad as I was getting off the bus. Oh, Chrissie. Guess what?'
   'He only asked me out. He's so good looking.'
   'If he's so good looking, what was he doing asking you out?'
   'Get lost,you're only jealous.'
   'Yeah, sure I am. Knowing you, it's all in your head. You've got such an imagination.'
   Now it was Amy's turn to be mad. They hardly talked on their way into town.
   After looking round the shops Amy asked Chrissie if she fancied going to get something to drink. Chrissie reluctantly said yes. She felt like going home. She had heard all of Amy's stories before. And this one about the lad asking her out was just another one as far as she was concerned.
   But as they were sitting drinking their coffee, Amy tapped Chrissie on the shoulder and pointed to a table at the far corner.
   'That's him,' she said to Chrissie..
   'Get lost. Don't you ever give up. The likes of him don't ask the likes of you out.'
   But did Chrissie have a surprise when the lad and a few of his friends got up from their seats and started to make their way out.  His friends carried on towards the exit, but he didn't. He stopped at Amy and Chrissie's table.
   'See you tonight, then,' he said to Amy, just before carrying on to catch up with his friends.
   'All in my head is it?' she said to Chrissie. with a grin
   Chrissie didn't answer. She didn't know what to say. She just put her coat on and made her way towards the exit. She didn't even bother waiting for Amy.


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