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Sunday School Class Bakes Valentine's Day Cake



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Lois had taught a children’s Sunday school class in her church for almost 25 years.

“Kids are so precious,” Lois told Pastor Larry, the church’s minister. “They are so full of life and enthusiasm. And they are so anxious to learn more about the Lord.”

“How are you and your class planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day?,” asked Pastor Larry.

“I’m going to throw a Valentine party for them at my home,” replied Lois. “I’m going to let them help me bake a heart-shaped holiday cake.”

“Sounds like it will be a blast,” grinned Pastor Larry.

“It will be lots of fun,” said Lois. “We will be sure to save a piece of the cake for you.’

“That’s very nice of you,” said Pastor Larry. “I have a real sweet tooth, and I do love homemade cake. Especially if it’s chocolate.’

With lots of love and affection, Lois welcomed the children into her home. “I’m so glad you could come,” she said.

Five children regularly attended the Sunday school class, and all of them came to the party.

“Thank you for inviting us,” said Lucy.

“You have a beautiful home,” said Loren.

“It’s great to be here,” said Lacy.

Laura recalled the previous year’s party. “You gave us a party like this last year, and it was great,” Laura observed.

Linda also recalled the previous year’s party. “Yes, it was fantastic,” she said.

“I have a special treat for you tonight,” Lois said. “I’m going to let you help me bake a Valentine’s Day cake. We need to a great job, because we‘re going to save a piece of the cake for Pastor Larry.”

“Pastor Larry is something else,” said Loren. “He likes chocolate cake as much as I do.”

“Who said we’re making a chocolate cake?,” asked Lois.

“No one,” said Loren, “but chocolate cake is the best kind of cake.”

“I have to agree with you,” said Lois, “Chocolate cake is my favorite, too.”

With all the kids doing their part, in what seemed like no time at all, the cake had been baked. “You all did a wonderful job of helping me,” said Lois. “Now we will ask God to bless the cake, and we will eat it.”

Lois asked Linda to pray. “Thank you, Lord, for this delicious cake,” Linda prayed. Don’t let the sugar, calories or fat bother us too much. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

While they were eating, Lois asked, “Do you have a special person to be your valentine?”

Without hesitation, Lucy spoke up. “I sure do,” she said. “His name is Jesus. He loves me with all of His heart! And I love Him with all of my heart, too!”

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