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One Night... [pt 2]

Tyler was taken aback. He, for once, felt wanted, needed. He smiled and pulled her closer to him.
"I need you," He paused. "I want you."
She smiled and started to take off her jacket and then her shirt. Tyler caught on and removed his shirt, revealing his six pack. They undressed as they made their way to the bed. Eventually, they were both naked and lay on the bed next to each other.
"Oh, Tyler..." Jacelin sighed, admiring his body. He held her breast in his hand and caressed the nipple. She moaned over and over. He did the same thing to the other nipple.
She started to spread her legs wider for him, hoping he would enter. He started to kiss her.
"Tyler," She started. "Enter me..."
He did as she said. She started to moan as the sexual tension grew. She felt like she could go all night. Tyler felt like he could too. They finally fell asleep 3 hours later.

Eight months passed and Jacelin hadn't spoken to Tyler in awhile. In fact, he didn't even know she was pregnant. He tried to contact her plenty of times, but she never got his calls. Finally, she drove to his place.
"Jacelin...?" Tyler questioned when he saw her.
"Hi Tyler." She greeted.
"Are we having a baby?" He asked.
She smiled, "Yes."
"Please, come in, come in."
She entered the apartment and sat on the couch, suddenly feeling contractions. They were causing major pain.
"TYLER!" Jacelin screamed. "Call, an, ambulance."
Within minutes, they were at the hospital in the delivery room. Jacelin's legs were spread open, as they were for Tyler the night their child was created. A head peeked out and suddenly, the baby girl was in Jacelin's arms.
"May Anne." Tyler said.
"That's pretty. How did you think of that?"
"May was the month we were together for the night."

Over the years, Tyler and Jacelin grew closer, and they ended up getting married! Two children followed May, and their lives were complete.
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