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But why? Why can’t I just stay at our house Puppy whined on the ride over to Miss Ox’s house. Puppy’s mom reached her paw and ruffed up her hair

Now Puppy we’ve talked about this already since Miss Ox’s older it’ll be more comfortable. If you stayed with her then for her to stay at our house. You know that I wish that I could take you with me on this trip. But I’ll be in and out of meetings all day. And I just can’t leave you alone inside the hotel room all day she explained

Fine and I really hate it when you mess up my hair like that Puppy frowned. Puppy’s mom parked her car inside of Miss Ox’s driveway and then smiled

You can hate me all you want to but you’re still my baby

Yah great! I hope you feel nice about leaving your baby alone in this creepy place

That’s enough I don’t want to hear another word from you young lady her mother frowned

They got out of the car and walked in complete silence up the front stairs. And before her mother could knock on the screen door. She turned to Puppy and smiled

I’ll be back before you even had a chance to miss me

Yah sure Puppy mumbled rolling her eyes. She then looked at the house which looked dark and spooky

How am I going to survive two weeks in this dump? Without having any body expect Miss Ox to talk to she sadly wonder. She was pulled out of her trance when the screen door was pulled opened. And noticed that Miss Ox was standing there holding a bloody knife in her hands

Oh my! I wasn’t excepting you so soon I was just slicing some beets for my stew she giggled. Before opening the screen door wider but neither she nor her mother made any move to go inside

Please come in

A couple minutes later they were upstairs inside the room that Puppy would be using. Her mom quickly unpacked her suitcase and checked her watch

Oh it’s getting late I better get going I don’t want to miss my fight

She grabbed her purse and took out a twenty dollar bill and stuffed in Puppy’s pocket

Here’s some spending money be sure to buy yourself something nice. And I’ll call you as soon as I get settled in

Okay Puppy mumbled

A few seconds later she heard her mom’s car heading out of the driveway and driving off

Oh great! Now what am I supposed to do? She dragged herself downstairs and into the kitchen

Umm I was wondering if it’s okay if I took a walk around the neighborhood? She asked Miss Ox

Okay Puppy just don’t wonder off to far she answered her

Umm okay I’ll see you in a little while

Puppy was walking down the block when she bumped into another small pup like her

Oppss sorry

Hey no problem you look a little lost did you just move into the neighborhood? She asked

No I’m staying with Miss Ox for a couple of days. Until my mom comes back from her business trip Puppy answered her

Oh bummer so where are you off to? I’m Mary by the way

Nice to meet you I’m Puppy. And I was just exploring the neighborhood

Oh well if you don’t have anything to do. Why don’t you come with me into town I’ve to go shopping for my little sister’s birthday Mary answered

Umm okay but I think that I should tell Miss Ox before I go Puppy shrugged

A few blocks later they walked inside a small store. After adjusting her eyes to the dim lights. Puppy thought to herself the store looked more like a warehouse then a toy store

Wow they sure have a whole bunch of old stuff. Do they sell any video games in here? Puppy asked Mary

Nope I don’t think so Mary shrugged

Oh is this the only toy store in town?

No there’s a bigger one a few blocks down. But I like coming here because you can’t find some of the old stuff in the other one

That’s for sure Puppy thought to herself

Puppy wondered through the aisles looking to see if any of the old toys. Would catch her attention but wasn’t having any luck. She was about to go find Mary when this can that looked like it was filled with blue goo caught her attention. Puppy picked up the can and read it

Magic goo for hours of magical gooey fun

Oh well sounds cool enough she shrugged

A couple minutes later they were walking back home

I hope that my sister likes the music box that I got her Mary was telling her

I’m sure she’ll but I can’t get why the clerk. Gave me such a hard time he acted so weird about me buying this silly goo toy Puppy answered her

Hi Miss Ox this is my new friend Mary. Can we go up to my room and play? Puppy asked when they got back

Okay you and your little friend run along and have fun let me know if you need anything Miss Ox smiled

Once they were inside her room Puppy was having a hard time. Opening the can of goop that she brought

Looks like you need a can opener! Mary laughed

Ha-ha very funny! Puppy smirked before she slammed the can down on the desk top. Finally the lid popped off

Eww! It doesn’t smell very good wanna take a whiff? She smiled

No thanks I think I‘ll pass Mary frowned any way I better be going. My mom will kill me if I’m late for dinner I’ll catch up with you tomorrow she added

The next morning Puppy was eating her breakfast when she heard the phone ringing

Puppy pick up the phone! It’s your mom! Miss Ox cried out from the other room

Okay thanks!

Hi mom! Are your meetings over? Are you coming back now? What time will you get here?

Whoa, whoa slow down! One question at a time her mother laughed

Okay so when are you coming back? Puppy sighed

Well that’s part of the reason that I’m calling. I’ve to stay longer then I planned to. I’m sorry honey

What? You’re kidding right!

Now Puppy—

I know mom don’t worry I understand Puppy interrupted. But what she really felt like doing was screaming at the top of her lungs. For her mom to forget all about her stupid meetings and just come back home. But she didn’t want to upset her mom so she just spent the rest of time talking to her new friend

A couple minutes later Puppy was helping Miss Ox doing a puzzle. When there was a knock on the door

Hi dear would you like to help with our puzzle. They keep the mind active especially old foggy ones like mines Miss Ox asked Mary. Then returned doing her puzzle without Mary answering her

I told you that she was weird Puppy whispered over to Mary

Shh! She’ll hear you Mary whispered back

Nah! She’s completely deaf she only hears what she wants to hear

Oh well I think she’s nice

Yah, yah that’s because you don’t have to stay with her. Umm Miss Ox do you think it’ll be okay if Mary and me went upstairs for a while

Sure dear you two run along. I’ll finish up here then I’ll pop a pizza in the oven for lunch. How does that sound she answered

Sounds great Miss Ox thanks Puppy smiled

Oh wow! You probably broke the can or something that’s why it’s leaking out like that Mary told her

No I know that this is going to sound weird. But last night I left it on the dresser and it was fine. But this morning it was just leaking all out of the can. And check this out when you rip off a piece of it. and dip in water it turns hard as a rock Puppy explained maybe I should just throw it out she added shrugging

Nah! Why don’t you just keep it and see what else it does. Hey I dare you to taste it! Mary laughed

Yuck no way! I double dare you! Puppy laughed pushing the can in front of her

Oh no! I double dared you first! Mary laughed back then grabbed a piece of goop and threw at her. Puppy ducked then returned the jester and threw it back at her. Hitting

her right in the middle of her forehead. Soon they were in the middle of a throwing back and forth war until Miss Ox called them down for lunch

The next afternoon Puppy called Mary and asked if she can come over

Okay what’s the big emergency and what’s up with the big trash can? Mary asked Puppy once she was up in her room

It grew again it almost filled the trash can. I don’t know what to do if it keeps growing Puppy sighed

Oh wow! Maybe you should just throw it away Mary shrugged

Yah but what if it continues to grow and fills up the room or something Puppy answered her

Oh yah okay why don’t we just take it back to the store. And explain what happened maybe they’ll give you back your money or let you get something else Mary shrugged

A few minutes later

Okay we’re almost there only two more blocks to go Mary panted, as she helped Puppy carry the heavy trash bag filled with goop down the street. They crossed the street

and were standing in front of the old store with shocked and confused looks on their faces. All the windows were boarded up and a hand painted sign was typed to the front door that read


What? No way! It can’t be closed! Puppy yelled as she began to pound on the door

Can’t you young pup read? The sign says that this store is closed an older dog told them as she walked by

Yah thanks you’ve been so helpful Puppy smirked under her breath

So now what? Mary asked her

Don’t know I guess I’ll just throw the stupid thing away Puppy shrugged

Half an hour later they struggled putting the trash bag inside the garage can. With a big sigh of relief Puppy slammed the metal lid down on it. They both stared at it for a few seconds as if expecting it to explode

Whew! I’m so glad that’s over with Mary sighed. And before Puppy could answer Miss Ox walked outside and cried out

Puppy guess what! Your mom called while you were out. She’s coming to pick you up in a little while

Wow! That’s great!

A loud crashing sound interrupted as the trash can explode. And the goop came pouring out of it then appeared to stand up and started screaming. At the top of its lungs. The two girls took off running as fast as they could up the driveway and towards the front door

Oh my! What’s that thing? Puppy what’s going on! Miss Ox cried out in confused tone of voice

I’ll explain later just go back inside the house! Puppy screamed

Once they were inside the house Mary slammed the door shut before the goop could reach it

Whoa! We made it

And before she could say anything else she screamed. When she noticed that the goop was coming in the house underneath the door crack

Okay I want you kids to run along upstairs. I don’t know what that thing is but—

And before she could finish the goop turned into a black shadow

Oh great! Now what? Puppy muttered as she continued to watch the shadow grow and change its form into some kind of black creature

Well, well finally I’m free I’ve been trapped inside that stupid can for so long. Just waiting to escape now that I’ve the only problem is what to do with you kids it growled

We’ve got to get out of here Puppy whispered over to Mary

Yah but how that thing is blocking our way she whispered back

Now, now don’t take what I’m about to do personal I just can’t take any chance of any of you letting out my secret the creature laughed

Run now! Puppy yelled

Run where? That thing is never going to let us just pass by! Mary yelled back

Never mind that just follow me!

Puppy quickly ran over to where Miss Ox had a vase of flowers then yelled

Hey ugly! Over here!

Before she threw both the water and flowers in the creature’s face

No! The creature cried out as it began to turn into stone

Hey look! It’s changing back to its regular size again Mary nervously laughed

A few seconds later a shadowy figure suddenly appeared in front of the screen door

Oh no! She’s back Miss Ox cried

Whose back? Puppy’s mom asked as she let herself in what’s going on? And why does every one look so scared to death

Umm that’s going to be a little hard to explain Puppy shrugged

Why don’t I make us all something to eat then after wards. We’ll explain the whole thing Miss Ox smiled

So it looks like you’re going back home Mary smiled

Yah hey maybe you can come and visit me sometimes Puppy answered

Yah that sounds great but what are you going to do with the left over goop? Mary asked her

Oh wow! I almost forgot about that I better pick up the left over pieces. Before anything else weird happened

Puppy went over to where it was at and gulp

What’s the matter? Mary asked

It’s gone! The left over pieces they just disappeared!


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