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The Magic Detector


By Robert A Williams


It was after a trip to the gold fields with my sisters Chantae, Aniqu my grand father and grand mother that this story came about.

My grand father’s hobby is looking for gold with a metal detector, he had told me that his detector was so smart that it woke him up in the morning and made him coffee for breakfast, but I never saw it make coffee.



I went detecting with my poppy a few times and when he found some gold he would show me and tell me that it was worth a lot of money, all I could think about was having a detector just like my poppy had, he said when I get older he would buy me one, and I could not wait but mine would be a special one.



Then the day came when poppy found a lot of gold, all I could think about was getting older and having my own detector.

That night I could hardly get to sleep with excitement I wanted to sleep so I could dream about all the gold that I would find one day.



My detector was a very special one a magical one it could fly through the air and when it found gold it would dig it up out of the ground and put the gold in a little pocket on the detector and come back to me and put it’s self away it could even find pirate treasure, all of them jewels and gold coins I was going to be very rich.


After a long time, I think it was about a week I had a lot of gold and other treasure that I had stacked on the table and was just sitting there looking at it but I could hear a voice that seemed to be a long way away, but what was it saying it sounded like it was calling my name “Samuel, Samuel are you going to wake up today” then it was followed by “come on sleepy head it is time to get up, oh no my magic detector was only a dream, but I did not want to wake up.

When I told my poppy about my dream he just laughed and said who knows one day they may be just like your magic detector.

Now when poppy told me that it was possible it got me thinking may be I could make a magical detector, but I don’t think I will sell them because other people would find all my gold and treasure, yes I think I will only make one for me but my poppy could use it now and then.





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