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what a view

I typically like to write weird poems or a fuckin story or something but tonight I'm on meth and just want to write. No serious punctuation or
crap. Just a flow of self if you will. I don't to much believe in "GOD" like a lot of people do. I don't dislike the ideals behind christianity
or any other religion. I just think that people are so close to the edge of true insanity that we created a kind of reality breaker to wander off
to and pretend that it's all o.k. I guess that a story about men talking to burning bushes, and boats that can hold every animal in existence are
stories that give people hope, and keep us in check when it comes to doing something that might not be nice to our nieghbors, but let's face it
the stories of the book are the exact same thing as greek mythology. An explanation for why we are here, and why we should not say "FUCK" even
though it was not a word when the commands where emblazoned on a rock or whatever. I'm not picking on the word "fuck" just an example of how
fast we will buy into any thing that will ease our mind. If there were no religion, it would be either total chaos, or our entire species coming to
terms that there may not be anything after this. If someone was nice to you it would be because they really wanted to be. got a lot more to say
I'll say it later, I got to go do a tattoo right now. I know we came from somewhere, guess we'll find out when it's over. Just do what your heart says is
right, we'll be alright.
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