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Going Home-Going Home

Captian's log Star Date 07232005, Captain James T. Kirk, retired Capitan of
The United Star Ship Enterprise logging in this entry.

It is a sad day for all of our crew of The U.S.S. Enterprise. One of
our beloved and favorite commissioned officers passed away peacefully in
his cabin.

Commander Montgomery Scott, age 85, died peacefully and by his side as
he departed this life and entered into the next life was his wife,
Denise Lynn, of thirty (36)six years, and their three children, Monty Jr,
Shaundae Lea, and Robert James, were all by his side as he took his
final breathe.

Scotty as we fondly knew him on the U.S.S. Enterprise, met his wife,
Denise, on one of the recreational planets and within six months Scotty
had purposed to Denise Lynn White.

Denise has been constantly taking care of Commander Scott since his
first episode of demential and making sure he was taking his medicines
and getting the proper rest and diet he needed.

Denise appeared worn out and although grief striken and heart broken
she knew it was his last battle and he was now at rest.

Six years before, we lost another our of crew and commission officers,
Leonard McCoy, also known as "Bones" McCoy. He started to grew feeble
and forgetting things and we did not have the heart to ask him for his

Bones was allowed to stay on board with his wife, Karissa Elizabeth, and she
took care of him faithfully right up to the end.

It was "Bones" McCoy request that he be buried in outer space and that
people not mourn for him too long. He never wanted to be reminded
that he was getting up there in age and he did not like to be reminded
he was 79 years old and was outwearing his usefulness and purpose.

Leonard was blessed with three children, two sons and a daughter.
Leonard Jr, was studying to become a StarFleet Medical Doctor and
Katrina and Kayla, twin daughters, were already commissioned officers
on board a Science Explorer Ship. They were all their when their father
left this world and entered into the next realm.

Karissa McCoy, retired to earth once again and she lives peacefully
in her late husband's state of Georgia. The months of taking care
of Bones, took its toll on her and we only hear from her every now and
then about Bone's daughters, Katrina and Kayla.

Denise is walking down the long corridor of the U.S.S. Enterprise.
She is dressed in an official black mourning dress and hat-veil.
She is very quiet and her children are by her side.

Karissa McCoy has boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise with permission so
she can attend Scotty's Funeral services and launching of Scott's
remains in to the Deep Blue Sky.

Karissa sees Denise along with her children and walks up to her,
"Denise, I am so sorry and my heart cries out for your lost and pain".

"Thank God, you have come, Karissa. I am surprised that Kirk would
allow you to reboard the Enterprise". Denise tells us and hugs her.

"Oh yes, that. I tell you, I don't know how Linda, puts up with
James T. Kirk". Karissa tells Denise.

"You have me on that one. Linda tells me she knows how to control his
outbrusts of whatever". Karissa laughs a little.

"Linda, is strong". Denise tells Karissa.

"Have you seen Linda"? Denise asks Karissa

"No, not since I came aboard. I am sure she is ok.". Karissa tells

"Well speak about the devil". Karissa tells Denise.

Linda walks down the corridor of the U.S.S. Enterprise and she smiles
a little smile as it has been sometime since she has seen either
Denise or Karissa.

"Karissa! Denise! I am so happy to see you. I only wish we all could
have met for a more joyful occassion". Linda says greetings Karissa
and Denise.

"Linda, you are looking well. We still see you are married to James".
Karissa and Denise tell Linda.

"Yes, and he is getting as older as the rest of the crew and officers.
He will not retire and Star Fleet is pushing it ". Linda sighs.

"I know how that feels. They did not want to make Leonard resign".
Karissa said." It would have broken his heart.".
"Scotty, seemed to be at peace with the decision". Denise said.

"I know that made it easier on you, Denise". Linda and Karissa tell her.

"Yes, it did. It hurt me so to see him struggle and forget things.
I am just glad our children were here as well. They have been such
a blessing in deguise you know". Denise tells them.

"I hear Captain Spock, Ambassador Sarek and Amanda are coming aboard
for the Fumeral Service and the launch out sending Dear Scotty, home
again home again". Linda said.

"Yes, I hear Ambassador Sarek is getting up there in age and his dear wife,
Amanda, has to take care of him. He is a very proud Vulcan.". Karissa
says to Linda and Denise.

"I hear most of Star Fleet Command will be in attendance". Karissa
said. "Leonard did not want all the pomp and ceremony". Karissa tells
Linda and Denise.

"I can assure you, the Fumeral/Memorial Service is going to be
just like Scotty wanted it. Short and Sweet." Denise tells her

"Denise, what plans do you have after Scotty is buried in space".
Karissa and Linda ask their friend.

"I am retiring in the State of Washington. This is where he wanted to
retire to if this had not happened. He was in the planning stages
of finding us a nice, quiet, house with flowers and lawn. We were
thinking about getting pet, maybe a dog or cat". Denise said.

"James told me, that you will be receiving a good size pension, since
Scotty was only semi-retired from Star Fleet". Linda said.

"The money is nice but I would rather have Scotty back in good
health". Denise cried .

"I know, I feel the same way since Leonard died six years ago".Karissa
said to her friends. "Life can be so empty.

"Ladies, it is almost time for the memorial service and burial of
our dear Scotty". Denise told her friends.

The three ladies walk down the corridor on the U.S.S. Enterprise and
walk in to the Ship's simple but attractive chapel.

Denise, and her children along with Linda, and Karissa and her children
all sit in the first two pews as the Chaplain reads one of Scotty's
favorite's Psalms.

The Chaplain calls up Denise and the children, to say their fond farewells
to their beloved husband and father, Montgomery Scott, and then he
waves his hand for Linda, and Karissa and her children to come up
and say their final good byes and after that all the Crew and Officers
and dignatries walk up to the open casket and say their good bye to
one of their own for 38 years.

Shaundae reads the final reading " Going Home, Going Home, I am
Going Home.". and she breaks down and starts to cry and bravely
walks back to sit near her mother and siblings.

Eight officers dressed in dress uniforms pick up the casket that carries the
remains of Commander Montgomery Scott and places it on the launch

Bag Pipes are played and Gun Shots ring out, and Captain James T.
Kirk speaks " We now launch the remains of our good friend and
Officer, Montgomery Scott. Rest in peace Commander Montgomery
Scott. You will not be forgotten.".

The United Federation of Planets Flag which was drapped over Scotty's
casket was carefully folded up and The American Flag as well, and presented
to Denise and then Commander Spock pulls the lever and the casket of
Montgomery Scott is launched in to space.

Just like Leoanrd McCoy before him. Montgomery Scott takes his place
among the galaxy and stars so bright.

There is a brief period of prayer and reflection and then everyone
leaves the cabin launch pad and Scotty takes his place in heaven.

The end.

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