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I Won't Give

What can I gain,
from this world of pain,
and it's hard to maintain,
when I'm in the cold rain.

Jobs still jerking,
Mom's prayers are not working,
I'm crying in the dark,
because the pain really hurting.

Like I'm dying from the stress,
cause it's crushing in my chest,
I got bags on my eyes,
cause I'm not getting rest.

And I try to keep a smile,
but I feeling like a child,
cause living off my family,
won't be my life style.

I want a place of my own,
alittle spot to call home,
I like to get away,
sitting back and be alone.

But now it's just a fight,
to keep my head and do right,
I be surprise in the morning,
that I made it through the night.

Dreams got me tripping,
like I'm falling and I'm slipping,
the music keep playing,
and the track still skipping.

Like I'm in a worldspin,
full of sin,
and lost men,
plus the devil got a grin,
but I won't give in.

I got a nickel and dime, but no I won't give in,
I want to turn to crime, but no I won't give in,
I know it's hard sometimes, but no I won't give in,
Some people lose their mind, but no I won't give in.
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