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Shaun's Routine

Shaun’s Routine

It was 5am, time for his regular routine to start. He always woke up early to have a long day ahead of him and another reason being his lack of sleep which he would hardly quote to others. He always took pride in mentioning that he woke up at 5am. That would surprise his classmates because none of them, to reiterate,  NONE of them, knew what it felt to wake up so early.

He would say, I get up at 5am. I do my regular chores, help out at home, exercise in the park and before you know it, before I stop running in the park the sun is already up! They would all just laugh and say O.K. Shaun, the early bird. I catch the fish, he would say, rhetorically

Shaun was a young man of 25. His father had died early, and he had to be raised by a very busy working mother. Although they led a wealthy life with the mother earning above average salary as a Director of the Board in the Universities, he always felt poor deep inside himself. Money had not been a problem for him, but life was not about money for him. It was about living a rich life. Finding the right partner which he never found and settling down. He never liked to disturb his mother too much. Mrs Wood (Shaun’s mother) was a very shrewd lady. She wanted things her way. A bit of a control freak, if I must say. So he decided to ignore her most days. They had many arguments but nothing substantial enough to make everything right. Dad was still missed, everyday.

Shaun had a few friends at university, where he was doing his bachelor of engineering. At the same university his mother was a head. That was again not something he wanted to do, but had no choice in. None of his friends truly understood him though and he never revealed too much about himself. Most of them stuck around him for influence and his richness. Getting up at 5am was again not an option that he chose, it was his mother’s routine for him. A family chore he had to do ever since dad died. She had to discipline him, even when he was 25!

He very much wanted to move out but had no one to move out with and he did not want to leave his mother alone. He loved her even though she was a control freak. He had to bring a girl home, but no girl was ever interested in someone like Shaun. They made fun of him and giggled. Which he pretended to ignore most of the time anyway. He was a greek, who got As in everything and played chess and wore glasses. Girls did not seem to like him generally. It wasn't that he was a geek. Greeks are sometimes attractive, it was that he was a bit too high maintenance. A bit too vane. Vanity was very much a part of him. Proud of everything he did, never admitted a mistake. That ticked girls off.

Probably his mother will end up setting him up on a date with a girl she finds suitable, he thought. Like the kind of set ups you see in old classical books. He just shrugged and went to sleep, setting his alarm for 5am.

The end.


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