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Santa Dreams About Visiting Baby Jesus


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Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus were sound asleep, and both of them were dreaming about the first Christmas, when God the Father sent His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, into the world to die for the sins of all mankind.
In fact, both Santa and his wife were having the same dream. In their dreams, the couple were being transported back in time to Bethlehem to experience the birth of the Christ-child.
Mary lovingly held baby Jesus in her arms. Joseph tenderly caressed Mary’s shoulder, while casting an approving look toward the baby.
Santa and Mrs. Claus didn’t want to disturb Jesus, Mary or Joseph, so they bowed in a distant corner of the stable to worship the savior.
The stable wasn’t the typical sterile hospital setting in which many of today’s babies are born. The words, dark, dirty, damp and depressing came to Mrs. Claus’ mind as descriptive adjectives of the Christ-child’s birthplace. There were no smells of cleanliness or medicine wafting through the stable. Rather, Mrs. Claus noticed the unmistakable animal odors that were penetrating her nose.
Both Santa and his wife wept tears of joy as they worshipped the universe’s creator being manifested in human form.
“He left the glory of heaven to be born into the poverty of earth,” Mrs. Claus observed, with tears running down her cheeks.
“He did that so mankind could experience the riches of His grace,” a somber Santa continued his wife’s thought.
As they awakened from their dreams, both Santa and Mrs. Santa thanked God for allowing them to visit Jesus at the manger. The couple discussed their seemingly-real visit to the past. “You know,” said Santa, “most people never even stop to think about everything that Jesus went through to ensure man could be brought back to God.”
“That’s right,” his wife agreed. “When I think of Jesus’ suffering, I always think about His death on the Cross. But even His coming to earth and being born as a baby was a huge sacrifice for Him.”
Christmas was less than three weeks away, and Santa realized His pre-holiday work was not complete. He still had not decided on a gift for his precious wife.
A couple of days later, Santa went into his personal recording studio and recorded Mrs. Santa’s Christmas present. The recording described the couple’s dreamland visit to Bethlehem’s manger.
Mrs. Claus beamed with excitement as she opened her present. She listened to the recording, then declared, “This is the most wonderful Christmas present you’ve ever given me, Santa!”
Suddenly, Santa’s familiar musical “Ho! Ho! Ho!” brightened the room. “It was my pleasure,” he chuckled. “Because as Jesus said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive!’”
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