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It was a warm summer night and Puppy and her friends were toasting marsh mellows. By the Shores river banks

It was nice of your uncle to let us stay with him at his lake house. For the summer Sammy Turtle was telling Daisy Penguin. Before he popped another marsh mellow into his mouth

Yah this is going to be a great vacation she smiled

Okay its time for ghost stories! Tommy Cub cried out after picking some of the crust of the marsh mellow from his upper lip


Aww do we’ve to why don’t we talk about something more interesting besides ghosts? Sammy whined

Like what? School? Stop being such a chicken head Sammy everyone knows that there’s no such things as ghost Tommy smirked

Are you sure about that Tommy? Daisy smirked back

Have you ever seen one? No right? So yah I’m sure they don’t exist he answered her back

Just because I’ve never seen one doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. As matter of fact I’ve heard about one who haunts this island Daisy answered

Oh yah who Caper! Tommy laughed

Funny! But her name was Katie Bates


The flames inside the campfire grew higher as Puppy asked Daisy

Who was she?

Well according to the legend Katie was born and never left this island. Supposedly her husband murdered her

Oh come on Daisy do you really expect us to believe that Tommy frowned

That’s what they said happened Daisy shrugged not only that but it’s been said that they only found her body. To this day no one has ever found her head

Oh wow! Both Puppy and Vicky cried out


The legend goes that Katie’s husband was an old sea captain. And after he killed her he boarded his ship and never returned. Some even say that he was never boarded the ship that he simply vanished into thin air Daisy started to explain

But wouldn’t his crew notice that he wasn’t on the ship or not? Puppy added

That’s a mystery that no one has been able to solve for years. Some say that after a couple of days out in sea he went insane and started killing off his crew. And those who did survived vowed never to speak of what really happed Daisy answered. And for years it’s been known that the spirit of Katie still stands on her balcony staring out to sea. Just waiting

for him to return so only could she get her revenge but claim her missing head


Does anyone know why he’d want to kill his wife? Vicky asked

Some say that she was in love someone else. And was about to leave him and he somehow found out about it Daisy answered her

Oh wow! Where did they live? Puppy asked

Just across the lake Daisy told her

Did the police invest age their disappearance? Vicky asked

I suppose they did but they never found anything. Or I don’t think they didn’t Daisy shrugged

Hey did they check in the basement that’s the perfect place to hide a body! Sammy laughed



A roll of thunder interrupted Daisy’s answer

Oh great! I guess we better hurry back before we get caught in the rain


The next morning they wake up to the smell of pancakes coming from the kitchen

Good morning kids! Daisy’s uncle smiled who wants some extra gooey pancakes this morning?

I know I do I’m starving! Tommy cried. Daisy rolled her eyes and smirked

When are you not starving

Now, now there’s plenty to go around I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it last night. How was it? He asked

It was great until it started raining Vicky answered him

Yah and we heard all about Katie Bates, Puppy added


Katie Bates whose husband killed her

Oh that Katie Bates! Daisy’s uncle laughed that was my favorite urban legend growing up

Huh? You mean that is just a made up story? Puppy frowned


Don’t know but to lots of the town’s folks including myself. Like to believe that it’s a bit more then that he smiled so what do you kids have planned for today?

Well us girls are going shopping with aunt Dottie, Daisy answered

And are you boys going with them? He asked

Who us? Nah! We’re just going to hang out by the lake until they come back. Until then Sammy and I are going to plan a little adventure. For all of us to go on Tommy proudly smiled

Huh? We are since when? Sammy frowned. Tommy poked Sammy in the ribs and answered back

Yah Sammy we do


Hours later


Okay Tommy what’s this big adventure that you’ve planned for us? Daisy asked. When they returned from their shopping trip

I’ve the perfect idea not only are we going to solve the Katie Bates mystery. But we’re also going to find her head Tommy explained

Oh is that all? What after we finish solving the mystery of your missing brains Daisy smirked

Yah Tommy what makes you think that we can solve it. After all these years? Vicky added


Hey we always do catch our man! Tommy laughed but seriously last night after every one went to sleep. I did a little more research on Katie Bates it seems that every year a coward flocks to the island in hopes of seeing her—

And? Sammy interrupted

And I was thinking that we’d sneak in and search the place until we found it. Or any clues that can help us find it Tommy started to explain

Oh wow! Now I really know that you’ve lost your mind Daisy answered and since when did you start believing in might be just make believe ghost story

I don’t but what if it’s not just another stupid ghost story. Just think of all the cases we’d get afterwards it would be the best thing ever he answered her


And you really believe that this dumb idea of yours is really going to work? Sammy frowned

Yah why not Tommy shrugged so what do you guys say are you in? And after talking it over for a few more minutes they all decided that it was worth a shot


The house stood in totally darkness expect for the dim light of their flashlights. And before they entered the old abounded house Vicky pointed to a sign that hung over the door. That read




Okay everyone has their flashlights with them right? Tommy asked. Before they entered the house. And before anyone could answer him Sammy tapped him on the shoulder

Dude what’s it now?

Look over there Sammy pointed over towards some over grown trees

Look at what? Tommy frowned

I could’ve sworn that I just saw someone standing by those trees staring at us Sammy answered him

Well I don’t see anyone let’s just get this over with Tommy sighed


Shortly afterwards they were walking through some creepy hallway and towards the stairway. That led up to Katie’s bedroom

Hey check it out for a bed that’s over a hundred years old. It still has some spring to it! Tommy laughed as he and Sammy began jumping on the bed

Would you two cut it out! We didn’t come here so you two idiots can jump on beds. This was your dumb idea and if you’re not going to start taking it seriously then we’re out of here Daisy scowled them. And before any of them could answer a voice that sounded a lot like laugher floated into the room

Umm please tell me that you guys just heard that Sammy mumbled

Yah it sounded like it came from outside the hall Puppy answered him

Is it me or did it suddenly get very cold in here Daisy added

Yah it feels like someone just opened a window. Or something I think we should go and do this some other time. I’m getting a creepy feeling about this whole thing Vicky told them


They were just about to reach the driveway. When a penguin a bit older than them stepped out of the bushes and yelled out

I see that I’m not the only one who decided to do a little snooping around the Bite’s house tonight!

Oh hi! Umm we didn’t see you standing there Puppy began we were just—

So did you meet her yet? The penguin interrupted

Meet who? Puppy asked her

The ghost of the Bate house isn’t that what you were looking for in there the penguin smirked

Umm well kina of Tommy shrugged

Well if ghost what you wanted to see. Why don’t I show you were they’re hiding at! The penguin laughed

Huh? Oh yah sure like you know where she’s and her missing head is at right? Tommy frowned

Umm no offense but it’s getting kina late. And I think we’ve had our share of ghost haunting for one night Sammy added


Nonsense the night is still young! Now let’s stop wasting time and let’s go find that ghost! The penguin answered him back laughing


A few minutes later they were back inside the house

So are you guys sure you’re ready to see some real ghost? The penguin asked again

Sure can hardly wait Sammy mumbled

Okay then follow me

They slowly made their way through the main hallway and towards the kitchen. When they enter the penguin walked over to the far wall next to the stove. And pointed to a big hole that was next to it

So? What’s so scary about a hole in the wall Tommy frowned

This isn’t just a hole its part of dumb waiter the penguin smiled as she reached inside and started pulling the rope

This is how they used to deliver the dinner trays to the upper floor long ago she started to explain

Pretty cool! Puppy told her

Well it wasn’t so cool for the last group of kids who were in here. One of them decided that it’d be funny to scare the new kid on the block. So he dared him to go and sit in one of the rooms upstairs alone for ten minutes. And of course the other kid agreed since he didn’t want to appear chicken in front of the other kids. So while he was upstairs the kid who dared him told his friends that he was going to go inside the dumb waiter and hide, then jump out and scare the new kid. But when the other kids started pulling him up something went terribly wrong the thing got stuck between floors. They tugged and tugged and when they finally got it back down they were terrified cause inside the dumb

waiter. Instead of their friend being in there the only thing in it was the boy’s head the penguin answered


Oh please do you really expect us to believe that really happened? Tommy smirked

Maybe I can’t tell you what to believe I’m just telling what I know happened the penguin shrugged she suddenly walked over towards the door and locked it

Hey what do you think you’re doing? Why did you just lock the door? Puppy frowned

Why? Because I’m afraid that I’ve fooled you kids in here I made up that little lie just to get you in cause. I ‘m the real Katie Bates

What! If this is a joke I don’t think it’s very funny! Daisy cried out

Oh no! This is no joke—


Whoa, whoa! Wait a second if you’re the real Katie Bates. You look really good for a headless ghost Tommy interrupted smirking

But this isn’t my real body I just borrow it but it’s time to get a new one. So ladies which one of you are going to be the lucky lady who gives up their bodies over to me? I promise to make it as painless as I can the penguin smiled

What! Are you completely nuts! Let’s say you really are the real Katie you can’t go around just stealing other kids head. Why don’t we just help you look for your real head instead Puppy suddenly interrupted


Ha! I’ve spent more than over a hundred years searching every inch of this house. Looking for it what makes you think that you can find it. Why don’t I just choose which one of you kids I’ll pick sorry Puppy but I chose you! The penguin laughed

She floated closer with her hands stretched out towards Puppy who had pressed herself against. One of the walls she pressed so hard that it caved in exposing a secret tunnel. On the other side of it


Quick! Every one inside Tommy cried out. A few minutes later they were running through a long dirt tunnel

Do you think that she’s following us? Daisy asked them

Who cares! Just keep running this tunnel has to lead us some place. Hopefully it’ll lead us outside and away from this stupid house! Vicky answered her

Yah but sorry Vicky guess again Puppy added

Oh great! Who builds a secret tunnel that only leads to a brick wall Sammy frowned

Hey maybe one of these walls are like the ones in the kitchen. Maybe if we push one of them hard enough it’ll break through Tommy stated. They quickly started pushing against the brick wall. When they heard the crazed penguin coming towards them

I don’t think this is going to work maybe. We should start looking for another way out Sammy whined

Dude do you see another way out? No right? So shut up and keep pushing! Tommy scowled him


A few seconds later the wall broke exposing a small room. They all looked inside of it with stunned and confused looks on their faces. Because lying on the floor was Katie’s missing head

Wow! I can’t believe it! We actually found it! Tommy cried out happily. And before any of them could answer him. The room suddenly got very cold as a ghostly figure floated through the wall. Picked up the head and placed it on her headless body. She shyly turned and looked at the gang then whispered thank you. Before she disappeared into thin air


And after a confused silence Puppy turned towards the penguin and growled

You ain’t Katie Bate! Who are you really? And why did you tell us that you were!

I’m so sorry I just wanted--. And before the penguin could continue a loud angry voice yelled from behind

Kathy! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you! How many times do I’ve to tell you that this ain’t a play ground

Kathy? Can someone please tell us what’s going on Tommy asked frowning

What’s going on is that none of you kids should be playing in here the older penguin frowned back

Oh umm we were just exploring when we bumped into Katie. Or Kathy or whoever she calls herself Sammy answered pointing in Kathy’s direction


I see Kathy how many times did I tell you. To stop scaring the neighborhood kids with your stupid fairy tales---

But mom I didn’t I mean I was at first but we actually found it. We found her missing head! It was in this room and she then walked out of the wall grab it and disappeared into thin air! Kathy interrupted

That’s enough young lady! The story of Katie is just that a made up story. There’s no such thing as ghosts! Her mother interrupted

But I’m not lying! We really did see her! Kathy cried as she followed her mother out of the room


Later that night they were walking back to Daisy’s uncle house

Will someone please tell me that really did happen didn’t it? Daisy asked them

It did unless we all just had the same nightmare. Which I highly doubt we actually did solve the mystery of Katie Bates, Vicky answered her

So Tommy what do you say now? You still believe that there’s no such things as ghost or is the story of Katie. Is just that just a made up story? Sammy laughed

I don’t know what to believe all I know is that. I told you guy’s ghost or no ghost we always catch our man! Tommy laughed back


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