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Joe cool had sat in jail and drew a picture for snoop dogg (his first cousin) for a new album he was about to produce. I had been charged for a crime i didn't commit and was being released while joe cool wasnt so lucky. While waiting for the gate to open so that i could leave joe told me to go and tell carmen she belonged to me and that he would be calling her to verify and introduce me-with the thought that she would be safe and not have to struggle, at that time Long Beach was in turmoil due to an uprise and conflict with several outside gangs, and more recent murders by mexican drug cartels. So they released me and i got carmen. I had never met her prior and what i thought would be a waste of time turned out to be a very beautiful, independent, and intelligent lady that welcomed me graciously. I think she merely used me for protection, but in the process of me finding that out we became very close. I was never a jealous person, and i always maintained my own income so it worked very well for carmen not having extra weight on her back and freedom to explore life on her own terms. Then joe cool was released. I don't know what happened with his case, or what was going on in his life at that time, except that snoop had paid him for the album, and.....Ok, so joe was out, paid for the album cover, and living it up. Like i said, i was always self-sufficient so i didn't go around to none of the parties they were having, i was pretty cool with where i was at and what i had going on. About maybe 3 days after all the partying (Snoop spent a lot of money in the neighborhood) I was waxing my car and while leaning over rubbing off some stubborn wax close to the wheelwell i saw feet scrambling on the other side of my car, and just naturally looked up to see what it was and boom. This kid was firing a nine-milimeter point blank at me, and scrambling around the car to get a better shot. Okay, were playing musical chairs around the car and he's firing and then the gun goes 'click'. So now were playing musical chairs but i'm chasing him and i catch him and i take the gun from him and slap him. I dont hurt him too bad because now i recognize him, a nephew of a good friend of mine, Paynee. I ask him, Walter, why u trying to kill me? He says Joe Cool paid him to do it cause he wants carmen back. I asked him why didn't he just ask me, everyone knew Joe had given her to me, he had the right to ask for her back if he wanted her, but then again i also had the right to refuse. Walter told me that because of some fights i had in the past joe just figured to shoot me, and get it over with. I told walter to go home, that i was gonna tell his mom and Paynee that he tried to kill me and that if he did it again i was gonna shoot him in his knee with the gun i took from him..........PART 2. Now i knew i had a problem, not only did joe cool have money, he had a loyal crew, plus whatever gold diggers were following him because of it, and Snoop. Not only that, Snoop was his first cousin, and he had a crew as well. A gang bangin crew, and music alliances with the twins, warren g, domino, the Compton crew which included Dre, and Tracy D, but Trey wasnt workin with him at that time. 


OK, so I know Joe is trying to kill me. Not the first time someone was gunning for me, so basically I knew what to do. Kill him first. But u know Long Beach is a small town and every one knows me and Joe, and he was getting famous fast. Still I didn't want him getting famous on me so I went and got some more weapons, I needed something for home, the vehicle, my spots where I made money, and just different cut throughs I used to get from place to place. I kept a long barrel 44 on me for close ups, because it was the only one that was clean. The next morning I went to a spot where Joe hung out, a trap where they sold drugs in an alley off Martin Luther king boulevard and from the middle of the alley started letting them have it. I knew every doorway and window that sold and who was selling and I gave it to them, loading and reloading maybe about ten times with the 44. So I'm standing in the middle of the alley, gun hanging by my side and a police car pulls up on the cross street facing the alley broadside, like, and the officer looks at me. A few seconds go by, he recognizes me, puts his car back in gear, and leaves. So I start firing again. About I don't know, fifteen or twenty minutes for by, and this old-beat up Volkswagen van pulls up into the alley. Now I'm thinking whoever in the van is stupid, or coming to try and kill me because several other cars had tried to make it up the alley and I let them have it too, so I started taking aim at the vw and whoever is driving starts waving his hands and yelling 'WAIT' 'WAIT. I stay pointed on the driver side while trying to look in the van and see it's a friend of mine driving. I let him pull up. 'Get in the van Pony' . My name was Pony, at that time. Leonard, my friend, was from a different set, but still the same city, and we had a history. I was about fed up nobody came out to fight yet but Leonard was telling me that some of our homes were loading up and were trying to get where I was because I was gone crazy and needed to stop me, but that it was just as many homes that had my back and knew about Joe cools sneak attack. So the city was divided, and for some reason Joe didn't want to see me head up. Anyway we rode off in the van, turned a few corners, and I could hear this noise coming from the back of the van, Leonard noticed I was looking, and said 'oh, Yeah, wait a minute.' He picked a spot and pulled over, got a crack pipe out of his pocket and put a rock in it, and went to the back area of the van where I saw this dude was duck taped from his head to his feet with one little hole in it where his mouth was, and Leonard stuck the pipe in the hole, this dude's mouth, and lit the pipe, telling the dude to "pull"...he did and we left. I told Leonard that he was gonna get me put in jail for kidnapping and to let me out. He said OK, but he took me all the way over to San Pedro to do it.

Book and chapter 3 coming….


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