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Protectors of the Pope

Author's note:

This is not ACTUALLY a story, it sort of describes the movie I'm writing, based in the 1700's
If anybody would to colaborate in writing this with me, just post a letter like you would
a story, under the 'dark' section....I'll be checking.

Protectors of the Pope

Merlin, the suspected AntiChrist, is starting to gain an army.
now only 10,000, the number is growing daily. Many including
old Priests and Rabbis have joined in the worship of the dark arts.

Finding the Catholic Church in turmoil, Archbishop, Celestine X
takes the position of the Papacy, while a secret group of 8 men
fight to kepp him alive.

They are called the Protectors, Preist superiorly trained in the
arts of swordfight, and Military tactics.

Armed with 100 of Rome's best warriors, these Protectors must keep
this evil from breaking the walls of the Vatican, and the walls
of the Catholic Church Itself.

Meanwhile, on the inside the Pope must cope with a deathly illness,
and beneath all the war and destruction, there is a traitor in the Vatican

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