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Escape From Freedom

Lilly was thrown headlong into a world of opportunity
But two years out of college and no choices had been made
With so many options how could she decide
So she hung out in the basement complaining life was passing by

*She wants to escape
She wants to run away
She wants to escape from freedom
If someone would just show her the way

Lilly thought she'd marry the star of the hockey team
Settle down into the good life and live inside a dream
But modern girls can't be children at heart
When boys will be boys and there's no men to be found

Lilly thought she might try Seattle or Austin for awhile
But why move around when there's no direction to be found
For twelve weeks or so the Prozac kind of made her smile
But then the hopelessness began to creep back in

And Lilly sees no future
Lilly has no dreams
Paralyzed by possibilities
Frozen by her fears

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