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Where Santa Really Lives

Once upon a time in a land far away, a little boy fell asleep by the fireplace. It was winter. His family lived in the country among fields and meadows. The little boy often wondered where his toys came from. Some people said Santa Claus brought them. But the little boy did not believe them. 

The boy fell into a deep sleep and dreamed of walking in a forest with many old trees. Suddenly, in a clearing, he saw a very strange house. It was covered with vines and ferns. There was a rusty truck sitting in the back. This little boy loved trucks. Curious, he decided to look around. 

Dry leaves and branches crunched under his footsteps. He was a little bit scared. He came closer to the porch. 

It looked too creaky to walk on. The little boy decided instead, to walk around the back. On the grass he saw a strange sight. Could it be reindeer? He wondered. They did not move, so the boy went a little closer. 

He walked around and saw that they really were reindeer. But they did not move. They were made of twigs and branches. Their antlers stuck up just like the antlers on the reindeer in the zoo. One of them was even leaping, except he stayed in the air with his front feet raised. There were little green leaves sprouting out of some of the reindeer. 

He did not dare go any closer. He was worried, too, about his parents. They would miss him. The little boy decided to leave this place and took one last look. 

A fog seemed to fall on everything and he could hardly see the reindeer or the old house. 

The little boy wondered if the reindeer pulled the truck in the back. He wondered about Christmas. He wondered about a sleigh. As he pushed his way past bushes and trees, he suddenly saw something very bright. 

Under a kind of shed, decorated with a string of Christmas lights, was the most beautiful sleigh he had ever seen. 

Even though he was deep in the woods, this shed had a very fancy floor with green tiles and the shed was also painted a bright red. 

The little boy was afraid to touch this sleigh. He would have loved to jump into it, but did not dare. What would Santa say?At that very moment, the little boy began to believe in Santa Claus. 

It was not long after, that the boy woke up. He kept this dream a secret since he knew nobody would believe him. Everyone thought Santa lived on the North Pole, but he knew different. 

When Christmas morning came, this little boy was not really surprised when he opened up his gift. It was a little truck, exactly like the old truck he had seen next to the real Santa's house in the woods. 

This story happened a long time ago. Few people know about it. But it is as true as any dream can ever be. 

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