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Wow! This going to be the best vacation ever without any parents tagging along! I still can’t believe that they actually let us come without them Tommy Cub cried as he looked out the view of their hotel room window. Down towards the sandy beach

Yah I never thought that in a million years they’d agree either Sammy Turtle added laughing

I kina feel bad for Miss Smiley I bet that after our class starts running around this island. In all different directions she’s going to wish that she never volunteered to our guardian on this trip Daisy Penguin added. Puppy picked up a tour book that was lying on the table and asked

Okay you guys what are we going to do today? Some deep sea diving or sightseeing?

And after talking it over for a few more minutes. The gang decided that the weather was just too nice. And decided to go diving instead of just walking round getting all sweaty

A few minutes later they were picking up their diving gear. And waiting to board the Perry Ship to drop them off by the island reef

Okay kids we’ll only be out here for an hour or so. So be careful out there these waters are known to have a shark or two in them. And one more thing a word to the wise be sure to make wise

choices. While you’re here on the island a curse has fallen upon it. Many tourists have disappeared in the last few weeks the captain warned them

A curse? Sammy muttered. And before the captain could answer him Tommy grabbed Sammy by the shoulders and whispered over to him

Dude relax there’s no such thing as cures. He’s only trying to scare you

I wouldn’t be so sure of that little one the captain muttered then walked away before the gang had a chance to asked him what he meant by that

Soon afterwards they were exploring the reefs. And all the different kinds of fishes in them. Puppy was following a group of star fish when she spotted something shining on the ocean floor. And dove farther down to get it later she popped her head out of the water to show the rest of the gang. What she found when she spotted that the captain was waving and yelling at her from the boat

I wonder what he’s so excited about she thought to herself. She was about to wave back when she spotted a fin slicing through the water heading straight towards her

Puppy look out! Don’t try to swim just stay perfectly still! Vicky Dragonfly yelled out to her. Without thinking Puppy held up the stone that she found high in the air. The shark eyes widen with fear before it did a turn around and swam quickly away in the other direction

Oh wow! How did you do that? Sammy asked her once they were back on the boat

I don’t know I just held up this stone. That I found on the bottom of the ocean and it just swam away Puppy shrugged

Wow! That must be some stone can I see it? Tommy asked. She was about to hand it to him when she suddenly dropped it on the floor. Then licked her paw

What’s the matter? Vick asked

I don’t know I went to give him the stone. When it suddenly got really hot and burnt my paw Puppy answered her. She was going to pick it up again when the ship’s captain cried out

Don’t touch that!

Huh? Why not? Puppy asked

As soon as you kids get back to shore you must go see the island professor. And only show him what you found he then walked away mumbling to himself

That was one way strange dude Tommy told them once they got off the ship. They quickly went back to their hotel room and changed. Then headed out to find the professor’s place

Hey check it out! Vicky said pointing to a big sign that was posted over a straw hut

Which read:


Oh wow! Look at all this stuff! Tommy said looking around the room. Inside the walls of the hut were full of weird looking masks

I read about them on the plane coming here. The island warriors used to wear them to wear off evil spirits Vicky explained

Oh cool! I wonder if this professor will let us take one back home Tommy stated

Oh I’m sorry but they’re not for sale young cub an annoyed voice interrupted. They turned around and noticed an old owl wearing a black robe standing by the door way frowning at them

Oh umm hi we were looking for the professor. You see we went diving this morning and I found this stone on the bottom of the ocean. And the captain of our ship told us to come here and show it to him Puppy explained

I see show me what you found the owl answered. Puppy opened the towel she placed the stone in and handed it to him

The weird thing is that when I held it up to a shark. Who was about to attack me it just---

Wait here the owl interrupted then disappeared

A few seconds later he returned carrying a big book. He flipped through the pages then showed it to them

The stone you found belong to a great warrior mask. Legend has it that whoever comes across this mask will be granted extreme powers and unlimited riches the owl began explaining

Whoa Puppy! Looks like you found a gold mine you’re going to be rich! Tommy laughed

Oh wow! Won’t it be great if me finding this stone would break the island curse! Puppy giggled

Where did you kids hear about that silly rumor from? The owl asked

Form the ship’s captain he told us all about it Daisy answered

I see well you kids shouldn’t believe in all those sill rumors. But some say that since pieces of this great mask were stolen. That the great warrior who once owned and ruled over this island. Cursed it until all the stolen pieces are returned the owl explained

Oh wow! But now that you’ve the stone back—

Oh I’m sorry little one but I’m not the one who found it. Only you can make the offering the owl interrupted

Huh? Umm I guess that’s fair Puppy shrugged where’s this scared place any ways?

At the last point of the island on top of the golden hill. You kids must go there now if you all will excuse me I’ve to return

back to my research the owl answered then walked out of the room before any of the gang could answer

A few minutes later they were off again

Is it me or is every one on this island just a little nutty? Tommy asked. Puppy was about to answer him when a ruffling sound interrupted

What was that? Sammy asked

I don’t know but I say we go check it out Tommy answered her. They followed the noise to the entrance of an old cave

Hey check it out isn’t that weird professor what’s he doing out here? Vicky frowned. They decided to his behind some bushes next to it and close enough so they could hear what the old owl was saying to his friend

Now Fred we must keep clear until we’re all set up?

No problem professor are you sure this is going to work? Do you really think that they’ll show up? Fred asked him

No doubt Freddy my boy the professor smirked before they both disappeared inside the cave. The gang followed them towards

Oh wow! Check it out! Tommy cried out a bit too loudly as he pointing to some painting on the caves walls

Did you hear something? Fred asked the professor

No now stop wasting time the professor scowled him

The gang just looked at each other with confused looks on their faces

Whoa that was a close call Sammy whispered

Yah and a weird one all at the same time I could’ve sworn that they were staring at us. It was like we invisible to them or something Vicky added

Hey Puppy is it me or is your stone suddenly glowing? Daisy asked her

Not only is it glowing but it seems to shining on that spot on the wall Puppy answered. When she pressed her paw against the spot and fell right through it

Whoa Puppy! You just found a gold mine! Tommy whistled noticing that she had fallen through a trap door into a secret room. That was filled with golden coins and other treasures

Thank you very much kid you did exactly what I was hoping that your stone would do it lead me to the secret room. Now if you excuse me Fred hurry up and empty out the room and don’t worry. When asked we won’t say anything you kids are simply going to disappear without any clue of what happened! The professor laughed

What! You’re never going to get away with this! Puppy barked

Silence! Now if you don’t mind place the stone on the mask and handed it to me. And don’t try any funny stuff the professor answered her

If you want to put it back so badly then why don’t you do it yourself! Puppy yelled as she picked up the stone and threw it at him as hard as she could. Hitting him right in the middle of his forehead knocking him out cold

Oh wow! That was one heck of a throw! Fred laughed


Maybe I should explained I’m uncover cop my office has been building a case against the good old professor for a while now. He has been secretly stealing ancient’s treasures off the island and reselling them at a higher price. But we never could prove it until now Fred explained

Wow! So now that everything is back do you think the curse will be lifted? Vicky asked

I myself don’t believe in curses but to a lot of folks who live on this island do. So for them I certain hope so Fred shrugged

An hour later the captain walked up to the gang and said

Thank you kid’s cause of you the island is safe again

Well I’m glad that we were here to help Puppy smiled

Yah now finally we can start having some real fun and a curse free real vacation! Tommy laughed

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