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Staring out the window isn’t going to have Vicky arrive any faster Puppy’s mom told her

Ha-ha very funny mom

Why don’t you come into the kitchen and help me. Wrap the sweet treats that I baked for you guys to take along. It’ll help the time pass quicker her mom smiled. An hour later they were cleaning up the kitchen when a car horn honked

Well it’s about time Puppy frowned once she let Vicky Dragonfly in

Tell me about it but it gets worst I’ve some bad news to tell you Vicky sighed

Oh no! Puppy interrupted don’t tell me that we’re not going to spent the summer at your grandma’s farm house

Well not exactly Vicky mumbled she’s in the hospital the doctor’s had to operate on her tail bone last night

Oh wow! Is she going to be okay? Puppy asked

Oh yah! But she’ll have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days Vicky answered her

Oh so where are we going to be staying with? Puppy asked

Well my uncle has to house sit for his friend for a couple of weeks. And since it’s only a few blocks away he told my mom that we could stay with him. Until my grandma gets better Vicky explained

Cool so why the long face? Puppy shrugged

Well umm my uncle he’s well he’s sort of an old grump. I’d totally understand if you changed your mind and don’t want to come. Unlike me I don’t have any other choices Vicky sighed

Hey what happened to your grandma wasn’t your fault. What are friends for any way? I bet we’ll have a great time even if we’ve to stay with your grumpy uncle Puppy smiled

Vicky looked out her Uncle Gil’s car window and asked

I thought you said that your friend’s house was on a lake

You can’t see if from here but the lake is behind the house. Next to the woods he answered her

Thirty minutes later they took their stuff from the car. And followed Vicky’s uncle across the grass and up the porch steps

Well it looks cozy enough Puppy smiled as they walked inside the old gloomy house

Wow! I bet this place could be haunted Vicky whistled as she looked around

Don’t be silly Vicky there’s no such thing as a haunted house. Now why don’t you and your little friend run along upstairs and pick out your rooms. And please take your bags with you Gil told them

The next morning Puppy and Vicky were playing by the lake

Hey you weren’t kidding about your uncle. What a grump!

Oh you haven’t seen the grumpy part yet! Vicky giggled hey check it out

Puppy turned her head to see what she was pointing to. But didn’t see anything

Check what out?

There was a ghostly looking fox cub standing over there. Just staring at us I told you that this house was haunted Vicky cried out

Vicky ran through the front door calling out for her uncle

What’s all the noise about? He demanded

Uncle Gil! There’s a ghost cub in the woods! Vicky cried out. Vicky’s uncle looked over to Puppy and asked her

Do you know what she’s blabbing about?

Umm no not really Puppy shrugged

Okay Vicky tell me what happened he sighed

Puppy and I were playing by the lake. And I went to tell her something that’s when I saw him. And when I looked again he was gone!

I see Vicky I understand that you’re upset about this whole situation with your grandmother. But I can assure you that the only ones in this house is us. So I repeat there are no such things as ghost now why don’t you girls go get ready for dinner

The next morning Vicky’s uncle asked them what they had planned for the day. Since they couldn’t play outside due to the rain

Nothing exciting just try to see who could bored each other first Puppy giggled

Oh and I thought that’s why I was here for! Gil laughed I’ll be in the study if you girls need anything he added

After breakfast they went upstairs and started exploring all the empty rooms of the house

Hey check it out Vicky said looking round the small room that had little clouds all over the walls

Hey what did the donkey say when he got his tail caught inside the lawn mower? Puppy giggled

Where did you get that riddle book from? Vicky asked her

Inside one of the drawers there’s a whole bunch of them Puppy answered. A sudden noise caused them to turn around and notice the fox cub staring at them. Puppy mumbled out a small hello but the cub just vanished into thin air but she could say anything else

Hey wait! Vicky cried out you don’t have to be afraid we just want to talk to you!

A short while later they were sitting on the porch

Maybe we just imagined the whole thing Vicky nervously shrugged

Yah maybe but we both know better it seems that we’ve a little mystery to solve

And how are we going to do that? Vicky frowned

We can go to the town’s library and see if they’ve any history about this house Puppy shrugged

Sounds like a good idea let’s go and ask my uncle if he could give us a ride Vicky answered

Wow this place isn’t very big Puppy said as they walked inside the local library

It’s still worth a try Vicky answered her as they made their way towards the counter

Hi may I help you?

Umm we were wondering if you’ve any old news clippings about the old wooden house. Puppy asked

Isn’t that old creepy house by the lake? Why would you girls want to know about that place for? The librarian asked frowning

Well my uncle is house sitting the place. And we were just curious about the place Vicky shrugged

Well it’s not a very nice story a baby fox and his nanny were murder in that house the librarian started to explain

Oh wow! Do you know how it happened? Puppy asked

Well the Barns family were a very worthy family and very outgoing. They hired a nanny to look after their young son while they went off on their business trips. One night they returned home from a party and found them murdered inside the living room. The case was never solved only that the nanny they hired was involved in some sort of money scheme. The police told the Barns that maybe her partner murdered her on a plan gone wrong she added

Later that night they were playing a board game and drinking some hot chocolate

Okay Uncle Gil it’s your turn

But instead of answering her Gil got up from his chair and frowned

Okay not funny where did he go?

Where did who go? Vicky asked

The little fox cub he was just standing here staring at us

Oh wow! You mean you saw him too? Vicky asked

Yes Vicky now stop kidding around and please don’t tell me that I just seen a ghost. Because I don’t believe in them and just tell me where he disappeared to Gil frowned. Vicky was about to answer him when the cub suddenly reappeared along with a blasted of cold air that slammed the kitchen door in their faces

Well it looks like I owe you girls a big apology Gil told them after a few minutes of silence

Uncle Gil why don’t we just lock up the place and stay someplace else Vicky whined

Cause Vicky I promised my friend that I’d take care of his house until the summer was over. If I left now and told him it was because his house was haunted he’d think I was crazy and never believe me. And besides you girls are right there’s something strange going on here that we’ve to deal with not run away from

And how are we going to do that? Vicky frowned

Well if he keeps showing himself it must be because he’s trying to tell us something. Or if his nanny killed him to keep him quite while looking for something and they never found it. Then it must still be here so tomorrow we’re going to search every inch of this house. And we’re not

going to stop until we find it then hopefully everything will return back to normal

The next morning they started their search when Puppy found a box. Hidden inside a hole behind the sofa it was an old treasure box

Hey look what I found! She cried out. Vicky was about to answer when the room suddenly grew ice cold and an angry voice yelled out


Puppy grabbed the box then she and Vicky ran out of the house and they didn’t stop running until they reached town

A few minutes later they were sitting inside a little café shop

Okay Puppy let’s have a look inside the box Gil smiled

There’s nothing in here except a picture of some goofy looking fox Puppy frowned

That my dear is a general wolf stamp he answered her

A what stamp?

Gil stared at the stamp in awe

These were very valuable and very hard to find long ago. I bet your bottom dollar that someone would pay a lot of money to own one of these he explained

So now what? Vicky asked

We drive to the police station and turn everything in. I’m sure they’ll be shocked when we tell them that I think. We just solved a thirty year case in less than a week Gil laughed

Are you going to tell them about the ghost cub? Puppy asked

Course not that’s going to remain our little secret. We’ll just say that we did some research and found this in a book and put it together he shrugged

An hour later they drove back to the house

Now who could that be? Gil asked noticing that there was a car inside their drive way. They slowly got out of the car and walked over towards the other one

Mommy! Vicky cried as she flew across the grass to greet her

Vicky! Where in the world have you guys been? I’ve been worried sick about you. Gil did you know that you left the front door wide open

You didn’t go inside did you? He asked her

No why? Vicky’s mom shrugged

Umm no reason Gil shrugged back before disappearing into the house followed by Puppy and Vicky. Inside the house had a different feeling to it

Honey why don’t you give me a tour of the place? Vicky mom asked her

Umm do you---

Vicky is there something wrong you seem a little nervous her mom frowned

Who me? No every thing’s okay Vicky smiled

Oh I almost forgot the reason I came for

Guess what? Grandma’s doctor has given her the green light. She’s going to have to take it easy for a while. So why don’t you and Puppy run along and pack

That’s great mom but what about---

It’s okay Vicky as much as I’m going to miss you and Puppy. I really must be getting back to doing my research Gil smiled

Okay Uncle Gil thanks for letting us stay here with you. You’re not such an old grump after all


Oh leave her alone she’s telling the truth. I’m an old grump! Gil laughed

Are you going to visit us? Puppy asked

Of course I’ll and who knows we might even have another ghost adventure! If we’re lucky!

Another ghost adventure? Vicky’s mom interrupted would anyone mind in sharing what does that mean

Oh sorry sis that’s our little secret isn’t that right girls Gil winked


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