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Good Habbits

Specially for ages 5 to 8

Good Habits

      You should always remember to say “Bismillaahi” before eating. And you should always remember to say “Alhamdhu lillaahi” after eating.

          You should always remember to knock and say “Assalaam alaikum” before entering a house or other rooms.

          You should not talk loudly to elderly people. You should not play sports on the road. You should always go with a parent to swim or to another island. Don’t go alone. If you go swimming alone, there will not be anyone to save you even if you drown.

          Always keep your room clean and tidy. Don’t keep clothes or toys on the floor. If you accidentally step on a piece of cloth and slip, you might be injured.

          Always remember to wear your night cloths or nightie when sleeping. It is a very bad habit to sleep in your day clothes.

          You should always recite “Shahaadhath” before sleeping.

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