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A sweet adventure...

It was a rainy Saturday morning. I was really bored. Een and Akky my little sisters were playing in the next room.

  I decided to see what they were playing. I went to their room and saw the bag of candy they had brought home from the party the night before. I bent down to pick up the bags. When I touched them, “Wooooosh” the world started spinning. I landed on an empty beach.

                 I touched the sand and stood up. The sand felt smooth and soft. I took a hand full of sand. I smelled it. It smelled like sugar. I tasted some, and I realized it was sugar.

                I decided to have a swim. When I was swimming the tide suddenly rose. I thought I was drowning as I started to drink the sea water. But the tide suddenly was low. I realized that the sea water was not sea water. It was blueberry juice. I drank some blueberry juice. And went back to the shore.

                I was very hungry, but when I saw some shells, I knew they were not ordinary shells. I picked few shells and ate them. It was delicious. I ate strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and caramel flavored shell.

                I sat cross legged on the beach. I scooped a handful of sand and closed my eyes. “Take me home, take me home” I chanted. When I opened my eyes. I was sitting cross legged on my bed. I looked at my palm. The sand was still there.

 I knew it was not a dream. I knew it was a sweet adventure…


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