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work in progress

A sharp shiver ran up Johnny's spine and traveled north disrupting the pleasant daydream he was having.
The exact content of the daydream remains unknown, what is known however, is the plastic grin once caked across Johnny's face has all but disappeared leaving in it's wake an awkward half-smirk. The kind you would make if an unpleasant joke were told in your vicinity, because to make no attempt at a smile would just be rude.
He didn't want to testify. How could he... not against the mother of his child. Besides things were rocky between him and Sher before all this. If he rats her out now well things could get ugly... real ugly.
But on the other side of that coin was ole "Evil Red". Few humans, only two to be precise new of Tito's demonology. The other was in Mexico City somewhere, begging blind in some dimly lit back alley with the lingering scent of barbecue some say he wears like a fine cologne. Just how he got there remains a bit of a mystery. The word on the streets say it involved ole Red, an icepick, and a foreman grill. The one thing Johnny knew for sure is he didn't want to end of like that.
And besides he had made his deal with the devil five months back.... You see the first pencil Sher threw claimed his left eye. Some say it was an accident, Johnny knew better. That was the day they found out they were parents... or would be anyway.
Sherri was furious. Well you can imagine. It's hard enough still being a kid, but to add to that having one! Well someone had to pay...
Some say love is blind. Well in Johnny's case not completely.
The doctors seemed so cold, it wasn't their sight that had been maimed. They almost looked amused when they said his eye was useless. That they should just remove it. The kids at school were equally unforgiving. "HEY RIGHT EYE!" they'd yell "YARRRRR! WHERE BE YOUR PARROT AT? PIRATE EYE PATCH!!!"
Well you can empathize how hard this was to take.
Then one day someone took up for him.
After watching Tito feed the kids their own intestines he knew this was someone not to be trifled with.
Evil Red introduced him to Big Red, they struck a deal giving him his eye back and the rest is how you say history.
Looking back maybe Johnny made a mistake. Things aren't always 20/20 though. Especially when you only got one eye to look through. But that was then and this is now. Both eyes worked fine, the real trouble is keepin' em that way.

"Johnny Gutenheimer! Johnny Gutenheimer... Please take your place on the stand son. Now raise your right arm and swear to tell the TRUTH!"
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