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The Wiered Powers

Starting from the age of five, I always wanted to fly.  And I thought someday I can. But at the age of seven I realized that humans could not fly. But I always had a weird feeling inside. i mostly knew when something bad is going to happen. Let me tell you what happened on my twelfth birthday this year.

When I was getting ready to go to school that morning. I told my mom that something bad and horrible will happen to me that morning. But my mom thought I was talking nonsense so she did not pay much attention to me. I even told my mom that I did not want to go to school. But I had to because I had my science test on forces and motion. That was the only reason I went to school that day. Even my class closest friend Feeha was absent for the first and only time this year. I thought she did not come that day because she wanted to miss computer class that day.  And even my birthday.

At interval I asked my friend Ruya to come have interval with me but she said she was busy. That was normal. All my class girls were my friends except the lame ones. I was always one of the coolest.

Anyway, after interval at English class, I asked my English teacher Asha if she knew when we were having science test, she started yelling at me. I was really sad because that was the first time a teacher yelled at me in grade six. At other grades I was always yelled at because my hand writing was bad. But this year it was one of the best. And suddenly Ms. Asha stormed out of the classroom. And the leading teacher came in to talk about the teachers day surprise party. Unexpectedly tears stared rolling down my cheeks. I ran to the girl’s bathroom. And two of my class friends Raya and Loomy came to the bathroom and comforted me. I told them I knew before that day was going to be bad. And later when I went back to class, my face was pale from all the crying. My friend Sheeben also made fun of me. And after that he also did not talk to me

And also another power I had is, when phones computers and stuff are stuck, when I touch it, it get repairs.

And when we say (kurafi, aadhey) three times, which means “cockroach come” a cockroach actually comes. Near or in sight. So take these words from me and repeat kurafi aadhey thingy three times in a dark place where you could see the night sky. It happened one day when I was in bed; many cockroaches crawled from many places. And if you kill a female cockroach, 20 males will come one by one towards you. One day my sister accidently squished a female cockroach, another came. And she squished it and came other and other. Up to 20. It even happened to 3 of my friends.

You might not believe it. But it’s true. If you don’t believe me try it. You will be shocked…

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