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The Lost of Innocence in Zion, Illinois

Mother's Day, Sunday, May 8, 2005, two little white girls, Krystal Tobias and Laura Hobbs are riding their bike in a near-by neighborhood park in Zion, Lake County, Illinois.

When the two little girls don't come after riding bike. One of the little girl's father, Jerry Hobbs III goes looking for his daughter, Laura, and her best friend, Krystal Tobias. It appears that the father had a confrontation with his daughter and allegely beats and murders both his daughter, Laura Hobbs and her best friend, Krystal Tobias. The neighborhood in which The Hobbs and Tobias live in in Zion, Lake County, Illinois is a racially mixed neighborhood. Anyone who lives in the Metro Chicago area and who gets the CBS affiliate television station, Channel 2 News, can see that the neighborhood that these two white families live in is riddled with non-white families.

The evening news out of Chicago, shows a mulitude of black gang-bangers, who wear their baggy pants and shows off the crack of their rear-ends and The Zion Police in Zion, Illinois already know the park where the two little white girls are murdered has had problems of black and Hispanic gang-bangers robbing and mugging people who go into the park. They know how dangerous it is for any white family within that neighborhood.

The Zion Police have already singled out the father of slain, Laura Hobbs, as possibe and alleged suspect because he was recently released from a Texas Prison. This makes him the most likely suspect.

Of course, under duress, most likely, any person of would admit to committing a crime. However, the Zion Police need a scapegoat, and their scapegoat is Jerry Hobbs III, age 34.

The community of Zion, Illinois is outraged that two little white girls who were riding their bike were slain on Mother's Day.

What does not make sense is that Jerry Hobbs III and the grandfather of slain, Laura Hobbs, went out looking for both Laura Hobbs, and Krystal Tobias. Now what man who committed a crime would go looking for his daughter and her best friend if he had done it? None, I can think of.

Illinois residents remember a similar case about in the late 70's or early 80's concerning the disappearance and murder of six year old, Jaclyn Marie Dowaliby. The Dowaliby's went to bed and when they woke up and Cynthia Dowaliby went to check out her daughter, Jaclyn Marie. She was not in her bedroom.

The parents called around to Jaclyn's friends and they had not seen her.

They called the Police and immediately the police accused the parents of murdering their own child.

Although, Cynthia Dowaliby charges were dropped for a lack of evidence .

Cook County, Illinois, D.A. at the time Richard M. Daley, managed to prosecute David Dowaliby for the murder of his daughter, Jaclyn.

David was sentenced to 35+ years in Prison until the Illinois Appellate Court reversed the lower court decision and released David Dowaliby from prison after three years for a crime he did not committ.

The Police in the city in which the Dowaliby's lived in did not follow through all the leads that people gave them.

Even psychics came forth and gave evidence that it was the former brother in law, of Cynthia's that broke into the Dowaliby's home and carried out Jaclyn that night she was murdered.

Today that murder goes unsolved just as the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey, age 6 years old, in Boulder, Colorado goes unsolved.

I seriously doubt that Jerry Hobbs, age 34, murdered his own daughter and her best friend.

The Zion Police need to look into this as White on Black Crime. As most of the people living in the neigborhood are black.

It appears that Illinois will have a replay of the Dowaliby Case here with the Hobbs murder trial in Zion, Illinois.

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