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Backwoods Soulshaker

I come up from a white-trash small-town
But that don't mean that I ain't been around
I seen things that you'd never believe
What I done most men only dream
In case you haven't heard I got a lotta words
The blaster, the laster, the jive-soul masta
White-boy rasta, ooh can you say my name?

Like a wolf in sheep's clothing I'll slip into the mainstream
Gonna take my place in the power space
But don't turn your back cause just when you think I'm safe
I'm gonna lay some harsh facts in your face
I'm your raw-power-shake-appeal-avatar-star
You better understand that I got a plan
The prophet, the poet, the pop-punk-priest
Tantra vodoo-guru, ooh can you say my name?

If you don't conform you pay a mighty high price
If you stand tall they wanna knock you down
The brighter you shine the smaller that they feel
Until it fills them with the urge to kill.
I'm clenched-fist, yeah, stickin' by my guns
You can bet that I fought for everything I got
The shaker, the maker, the hard line taker
I tear it down to the ground with this sound
And that's my game, can you say my name?

Now I'm here some things are gonna change
Now I'm here it's time to rearrange
I'm so tired of your mainstream mediocrity
It seems people don't even wanna be free
Monkey-see Monkey-do is all I get from you
Paint-by-numbers spoon-fed like a fool
Imitating trends is all you eve do
Keepin' it stupid through and through
I've been at the bottom and I'll be at the top
But now I'm here I ain't never gonna stop
So all you scared fools runnin' with the pack
Safety in numbers won't help when I attack

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