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my gift

My Gift.
The night it happened I was at the local club playing
the pokies with my friends Connie and Dinah. I had
only had one sherry which wasnít the usual, usually
it was 5 or 6 glasses, But tonight was different. I
ordered a 2nd drink but when it came I had a
feeling that made me not want to drink it. I felt as though
something was going to happen and I needed to
be home when it did.
I left my two friends and called a cab,
When it arrived I directed the driver towards South
Nowra where my house lay on a very dull street.
when the cab neared my home in Hillcrest Ave I
had a happy feeling inside me. As I climbed out
of the cab I felt lively and paid the driver with a $10.00
note and a Happy smile. I had a feeling that made me
want to skip but as I had civilised neighbours I
decided against it.
I started towards the door and as I got close I
thought I could see a glowing light inside my home.
When I opened the door I saw something that was
glowing leave through the back door. But
I knew it hadnít left, I had a feeling it was still
there. I could feel its presence behind me,
then I felt something sharp push at my
back, like most people would, I thought it was a
knife or gun but as I turned around I saw the
glowing light, like before, leave my house.
But this time I could see what it was from,
the light was from a Unicorn.
The unicorn was about as tall as a 7 year old
child it had a pearly colour fur all over its body, with
a large gold horn on the tip of its head, and had long
pinkish hair down its mane and tail. As I
looked lovingly at the unicorn the sweetness of its eyes
made me look twice at them, it
had lovely shining blue eyes that looked as though
they were crystals rather than the eyes of a
unicorn, they gave a me feeling inside like none I had
ever felt, it was like it had given me warmth
inside my heart.
Sitting on top of the unicorn was a little man,
he was smiling happily, he was wearing a blue
suit that covered all of him from head to toe leaving
only his shoes, hands and face to be seen. He
wore a hat that looked as though it was attached
to hes head and had large ears. He had pink hair
that hung down to just above his shoulders he also,
like the unicorn, had eyes that looked as though
they were crystals. But unlike the blue of the
unicorns, they were a shiny green. Like a green you
would see in a rain forest when the sun is shining
through the trees. He had pale skin and wore shiny
little shoes that sat snugly on his feet.
As he sat there he smiled at me and started
talking to me as if he was a friend of the family or
I had known him all my life.
To this day I remember all of the things he said
to me. He started of by saying hello then he said donít
you remember me? as I said yes I saw a little tear drop
from not only his eyes but felt one drop from my eye to.
I felt a feeling inside me that told me I knew him and that
he had helped me in my child-hood years. Although I
could not see him in my mind, I knew he should be in my
As I smiled at him and the unicorn. The little man
made room for me on the unicorns back, I had a feeling
that made me want to hop on in front of him, and as I knew
the feeling was right I did. As the unicorn fled of towards
my lounge room wall with us on its back I wasnít afraid, as for
some unknown reason I trusted the man and unicorn with my life.
As we rode through the sky I saw myself as a baby crying and as
I grew I seemed to keep crying and crying, not only in the day but I also seemed to be crying me self into a deep sleep that I would awake from every hour or two.
When I saw myself at the age of 6 I still CRYíD and looked sad. And at the age of 6 1/2 I saw my self smile for the first time. The reason for that smile was one day I was sitting on the end of my bed when a unicorn with a little man on its back came riding towards me, From the look of the manís face and the colour of the unicorns eyes I could see that it was the same unicorn I was riding now with the same man I had talked to in my own living room less half an hour before hand.
As I saw myself grow], the unicorn and man came to me on the nights I was upset. Whenever I saw myself with the unicorn I was always smiling whilst when I was with family and friends or when I was without the unicorn and mans company I was always upset and crying.
At the age of 44 I didnít know why I was sad in my younger years, I think I didnít let myself know as I didnít want to have to remember.
As we rode past the years of my life I was happy without the unicorns help I asked the man why I was sad in my younger years, He answered me with the words you have found one of the main questions out of the many questions set for a life time, all you must do know is find the answer. At that the unicorn and the pictures of my life faded away into my lounge room walls, all that was left was left was the memories of the unicorn and the little man standing in front of me that said you have answered so many questions in your life, I will help you this time, The reason for your sadness was, when you were a child you had a gift. You could tell when someone was going to die. You always CRYíD as you hated death as there was always someone dieing. When you prayed to god to have someone take the awfulness of the gift from you, the only way was to take the whole gift. The way he did this was to send the unicorn and I down from heaven to make you happy. As we did this you and us became friends and we visited you many times after the day we were sent by god. God did not mind this friendship as you were a child loved by not only all people, but all of the angels, gods helpers, (thatís what I am a person that sacrificed my self to become a helper of god), but not only all of us, you were also loved my god as well. As you grew older your parents questioned your sanity, so as the loving friends we were we left you to have a loving relationship with your family. Now at the age of 44 there will be some deaths of people you loved dearly.
The day after I came home early from the club and saw the unicorn and man, both my dear friends connie and Dinah passed away at the age of 43 from a poisoning in the sherry at the club.
To this day I still donít know that unicorn's name. I am at the ripe old age of 95 now, as I tell of a story that not only saved me from a life of misery, but also gave me a feeling that I kept through out my life inside my heart , this feeling not only made me feel happy but also made me feel alive right through my life and still makes me feel alive now.
As in my younger years I dearly love all who have and have not passed away whether I conversation with them or not. I think the reason for this lovingness to all who surround me is the gift I had in my child hood years. I think it has shown me that death is not a thing to warn off but a reason for living the days before it.
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