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Adam and Eve Experience God's Presence


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Adam thoroughly enjoyed naming all the creatures in the Garden of Eden.


The Sovereign Lord had created them all: Slow-crawling insects, galloping horses, a variety flying species and underwater life of many sorts.


Adam looked at their physical characteristics, listened to each unusual sound emanating from them and reached out and softly caressed each of them.


After a few moments of reflective meditation, he pronounced each animal’s name: “Kellie the Kangaroo,” “Carroll the Chimpanzee,” “Eliza the Eagle” and “George the Giraffe.


“Barney the Buffalo,” “Giselle the Gazelle,” Catherine the Cat,” “Dudley the Dog,” Shelia the Shark, “Maxine the Manatee,” “Sam the Seahorse.”


God the Creator recognized the excellency of His creation when He proclaimed, “Very good!” Adam, too, was pleased with the job he had done of naming the animals.


The Lord was pleased with Adam’s creativity and said, “Well done, Adam! Well done!”


“Not bad at all,” Adam agreed. “Not bad at all!”


Life in the Garden was very pleasant. Shortly after seeing his wife for the first time, Adam told her, “The fruits and vegetables here are extremely tasty.” He explained to her the process of biting off a piece of the fruit or vegetable, chewing and swallowing the food.


“What is your favorite food here?,” Eve asked her husband.


“I actually have two favorite foods here,” Adam replied. “My favorite vegetable is yellow squash. It’s so meaty, moist and mellow…also very juicy. My favorite fruit is the peach. Peaches are so plump and powerfully sweet. And peaches and squash are so satisfying, from the first bite to the last.”


Although in Adam’s eyes everything in the Garden of Eden was beautiful, nothing compared with Eve’s beauty. “You’re totally gorgeous,” he told his wife. “Totally.”


“What does that mean?,” asked Eve.


“It means that nothing else here is as beautiful,” Adam replied.




“Thank you, Adam, Darling,” replied Eve. “You’re very handsome, too. That means the same thing.”


Eve also told Adam she was pleased by the Garden’s spaciousness. “There’s so much room here,” she said. “It’s a fantastic place.”


Adam and Eve shared a mutually favorite spot in Eden. Regularly, in the cool of the day, the couple walked hand-in-hand to commune with God.


“This is such a unique spot,” Eve told Adam. “The atmosphere is filled with such a wonderful presence!”


“That’s easy to explain,” said Adam. “God Himself is the essence of awesome, so it’s no surprise that His presence is awesome, too!”


Adam continued, “I need to tell you something about this word ‘awesome.’ It only applies to the Sovereign Lord. No animal or plant or anything else can be accurately be described using this word.”


“Thanks for telling me, Honey,” said Eve. “But I knew that even before you said it!”





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