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I told you this was a bad idea you guys Vicky whispered over to Puppy and Daisy. As they looked around the old abounded gym

Yah Daisy I can’t believe that you made that stupid bet with Tommy. That we’d spend the night inside this creepy school and see

Who would be the first if it’s haunted or not Puppy frowned

Me? I don’t remember you two putting much of a protest when we were fighting Daisy frowned back

That doesn’t matter now we’ve a bigger problem to worry about Vicky interrupted

Like what? Daisy asked still frowning

Like the doors won’t open it seems to be locked from the outside Vicky answered her

What! That’s impossible! They can’t be locked! They’re probably stuck or something Daisy cried out. She then handed her flashlight over to Vicky and began tugging on the doors

I bet the boys have something to do with this. They probably put a chair or something against the doors. So it won’t open just wait until I get my paws on them she added

Or maybe it was the ghost of the kids who died here. They probably trapped us in here just waiting to make us their next victims Puppy giggled

You’re not funny Puppy! Now if you’re done making stupid jokes can you help me open the doors Daisy smirked. Then while Vicky held their flashlights both Puppy and Daisy began tugging on the doors. That they didn’t notice the ghostly figure creeping towards them nor did they see it slowly raise its ax. High above its head and was about to swung it when a loud noise interrupted

Cut! Sammy’s uncle Mo yelled now Sammy I know that I asked you and your friends to be in my new movie. But if you’re going to jump out of your shell and interrupt every scene. We’re never going to finish making it

I’m sorry uncle Mo it was an accident I reached over to grab the clip board. And it fell I wasn’t scared honest Sammy answered him. Sammy’s uncle patted his head and smiled

Don’t be ashamed to admit that you’re scared Sammy. Only cowards are shamed now why don’t you and your friends go over to the lunch table. I’ll let you know when I need you kids again he added before he walked off yelling at the light crew

Hey! Way to go Sammy! That was my best take—

Yah after we had to redo it twice because you kept dropping the dumb ax handle! Daisy interrupted Tommy laughing

I still can’t believe that we’re going to be in a real horror film. I can’t wait until it comes out we’ll be the talk of the town Puppy added

Yah the talk of the town Sammy mumbled

Hey I thought you’d be more excited than that. What’s the matter? She asked him

I just thought that my uncle would stop thinking that I’m such a scary cat about everything

But you’re! Tommy interrupted laughing

Funny I’m starting to think that the only reason he even asked me. To be in his movie was to just prove how scared I’m of them. I just wish that there was a way that I could prove to him that I’m not the scary cat he believes

I am Sammy sighed. Puppy was about to answer him when Sammy’s uncle walked over towards them

Okay kids I won’t be needing you any more today. Why don’t you all head out home and get some rest tomorrow is going to be a very exciting day. Right birthday boy he said winking in Sammy’s direction I’ll see you all tomorrow then walked off before any of them could answer

The next day they all piled into the limo that Mo had sent over for them. A few minutes later the driver pulled up to the movie studio front door. Got out and opened the door for them

Welcome and happy birthday mister Samuel! He smiled

Umm thanks Sammy mumbled is my uncle already here?

Ignoring Sammy’s question the driver added

Please follow me

It was really nice that your uncle stop filming. So we can have your party inside the studio Vicky told Sammy as they all followed the driver inside the back lot

Yah but I wonder who that guy is I don’t remember seeing him before Sammy answered her back

After a few minutes later Tommy asked the driver

Excuse me but where are we going? But the driver just ignored him and stopped in front of old faded door and opened it then told them

Please go in

Umm this room looks pretty empty are you sure this is the right place? Why would my uncle want us to wait for him in here? Sammy frowned

I don’t know sir I was only instructed by mister Mo to bring you kids here then leave the driver answered

Leave? Daisy frowned. But instead of answering her he quickly turned around and slammed the door in their faces

Hey! What’s the big idea! Open the door and let us out of here right now! This isn’t funny! Tommy yelled can you believe that creep just locked us in here!

Yah but where’s here? Puppy added as she and the others adjusted their eyes and looked around the old movie set

This must be some kina of joke I bet that my uncle just paid that guy to scare us. I’m sure he’ll let us out any second now! Sammy laughed. A few minutes later he started pounding on the door

Okay uncle Mo! You had your fun you can let us out now!

Umm Sammy I don’t think this is a prank Vicky told him

But it has to be! Why else would that jerk just lock us in here if it wasn’t a joke? Sammy cried out

Joke or no joke. I think I just found a way out of this sink hole Tommy interrupted

They quickly followed Tommy towards the back of the set and towards the exit door

Oh great! This just leads to some sort of stupid costume room Sammy whined

Oh wow! Look at all this stuff it looks like it hasn’t been used in years Daisy told them as she began going through the racks of dusty old cloths. Vicky was about to answer when an old pale looking creature stepped out from the far corner. The two creatures were all dressed in black and the male creature had a bloody scar on the right side of his face

Finally he’s here we can finish our movie now! The male creature hissed as he and the other creature slowly made their way towards them

Oh yes! We’ve been waiting for a very, very long time especially for you the female creature pointed at Sammy

Huh? Umm we really don’t want to bother you but we don’t know who you are or what you’re talking about we just want to find a way out of here Daisy answered them

We’re the accident one who have waited a long time for you to come back and finish making our movie

Are you two nuts! Did my uncle put you up to this? I don’t want to be in your stupid movie! Sammy cried out

You’re not going anywhere! They both hissed with their arms stretched out

Get away from me! Sammy yelled then as he began to back away from them. He tripped over a piece of curtain making it come crashing down


Rang out from all over the place


The male creature suddenly busted laughing

Oh wow! Look at their faces! I think we sort of over did it! They look scared to death

Mo! You and your bright idea not everything has to be a horror movie plot! Look at him he looks like he’s about to have a panic attack or something

Aww mom! please don’t make a big deal I knew it was a joke all along. We were just going along with it now can we just not talk about it anymore and just open up my presents Sammy whined

Two days later the gang was walking around

Oh wow! I’m sure glad that we don’t go to this school cause this place is beyond creepy Sammy was telling them as they walked down the hallway passing the principal’s office

Umm excuse me but can any of you tell me how to get to the lunchroom? Are you guys in the next scene too?

Huh? Who us? Nah we are just waiting for my uncle Mo to finish filming for the day Sammy answered her

Mo’s your uncle? It must be cool having an uncle who is a movie director. I’m Blue my friends and I are extra in your uncle’s movie that’s if I can find them she smiled

Yah but sometimes it’s not so great come on we’ll walk you over. So do you and your friends live around here? Sammy asked

No the next town over Blue answered I’m surprise that your uncle is even using this old place for the set of his movie. Especially after what happened

Umm not really what happened? I think we just figure it’s always been abounded why what happened? Daisy shrugged

It all started when the town decided to build a bigger school. But little did anyone know is when they build it that they build it on top of graveyard. And the dead weren’t happy about being disturbed and removed out of their resting place

The gang just looked at another then waited for Blue to continue

One day when the senior class were all inside the gym the dead kids got their revenge. First they locked all the doors and windows so none of them could escape then one by one they slowly started ripping their bodies apart. And since there was no way any one could get in the only thing they could do was just standing outside the doors. Listening to their screams after that they closed down the school never to be open ever again Blue sobbed

And you actually believe that stupid story Tommy frowned. Blue was about to answer him when a voice cried out from behind

Hey! There you are! I’ve been looking for you all over

Oh hey! I want you to meet Sammy and his friends his uncle’s the director. I was just telling them the school history Blue smiled

Oh Blue I can’t believe that you told them that stupid story. Any way Mo asked me to come look for you he’s ready for us. They all walked over to the lunch room in where some of the other kids were sitting and laughing. Mo was about to yell out some last minutes instructions when one of the kids suddenly cried out

Oh eww! Gross! There’s an eye ball inside my salad!

A few minutes later they were all talking outside the parking lot

Why’d anyone do something so gross as to put an eye ball in a salad Vicky frowned

That’s exactly what I’m going to find out I don’t think those kinds of pranks. Are any way near funny Mo frowned. Puppy was about to answer him when a skull suddenly popped out of the ground

Maybe Blue wasn’t lying about this school being haunted Vicky shrugged

Haunted? There’s no such thing the only haunting that’s going to happen are the ones that my movie is going to give out. When it’s done! I’m pretty sure it was one of the crew or someone on the set only pulling a stupid prank Mo laughed

A few minutes later they were walking through the school’s hall. When they started hearing footsteps behind them

Umm I don’t think this is such a great idea Daisy whispered over to them

Now, now let’s not get our imagination all going kids let’s just keep moving Mo answered

Where are we going any ways? Vicky asked. And before Mo could answer her a loud laugh rang out from down the hall. They quickly turned around but there wasn’t any one behind them

What was that? Puppy asked as they all looked around the empty hallway

I don’t know but it sounded like it came from one of the classrooms Mo answered her let’s go check it out

The gang slowly followed Sammy’s uncle inside the dark classroom then after flicking on the light switch. He told them

You see kids there’s nothing here but just some over thrown desk and

And some creepy kid just staring out the window with his back towards us Puppy interrupted. Mo walked over towards him

Okay son the joke’s over

He went over to grab his arm but it just crumbled into sand

Oh my god! Uncle Mo can we please get out of there like now! Sammy cried out

No! Nobody is going anywhere! Until I get to the bottom of this! Ghost or no ghosts are going to stop me from making this film Mo answered. He then went to open the door but it wouldn’t open

Oh great! The door won’t open

What! Uncle Mo if you’re trying to pull another prank on us. I don’t think it’s very funny! Sammy cried out

Sammy how many times to I’ve to tell you that I’ve nothing to do with this. Now help me open the door

Yah and kids just disappear into thin air for no reason Sammy mumbled as he slowly walked towards his uncle. When they busted out to the room the floors of the hallway were all covered with smelly goo

Oh gross! What is that smell? Daisy cried out

I don’t know but it’s all over the place Puppy answered her

Well I had enough of all this! I’m going to find out what’s going on and I’m going to find out right now! Mo

frowned. When they walked into the lunchroom it was filled with deadly looking kids

What’s the meaning of this! Where’s my crew? Mo frowned. Blue gave out an evil laugh before she answered him

We tried to warn you Mo not to use our home as your playground. To believe in us while making your movie but you just wouldn’t listen. And now we’ll make you one of us!

Mo started to back away when Sammy suddenly blocked his path

Sammy what do you think you’re doing Mo cried out

One of us Sammy hissed in a spooky zombie tone of voice

Sammy? Why are you talking like that? What’s wrong with you Mo mumbled. Sammy reached out and touched him on his shell but Mo shrugged it off

Get away from me!

Sammy went to reach out again but he busted out laughing

Gotcha! You should’ve seen the look on your face! It was classic I finally turned the great horror film maker prank back on him! Sammy laughed

Huh? You mean this was some kina of joke? Mo frowned you were the one who was behind all of this? This whole time? Sammy proudly smiled

Yah but I couldn’t have done it without the rest of the gang’s help

Well done Sammy my boy I’m very proud of you it took lots of guts to have pulled this off. You nearly gave your poor uncle a pure heart attack! Mo laughed

Later that day Mo walked over towards them and said

Well it’s a wrap up! The film is done

They followed Mo to one of the class room so he can show them the finished movie. He turned off the lights and turned on the film but it only showed pictures of an empty school

Huh? Where’s my film? He cried out

Maybe there’s something wrong with the film Sammy shrugged

Or maybe we really are all just a bunch of real ghosts! Puppy added laughing. Mo just shook his head as he left the room with a confused look on his face. When he left the gang started to high five each other

Oh that was awesome! Did you see the look on his face before he left. He looked like he was about to faint Daisy laughed

Yah I wonder how long it’s going to take him. To realize that he’s truly one of us! Sammy answered her back with an evil smile on his face

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